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If you’re a regular reader of FitnessOnToast, you’ll know that I hold breakfast in super high esteem! It’s the key opportunity to engage your metabolism and fuel your body with a serious meal that’ll keep you going for the day ahead. If you do it right, you’ll underpin the rest of your day, increasing the likelihood of staying on track and diminishing the temptation to snack! Given this, I’m always looking to devise interesting breakfast ideas, and when the invite arrived in my inbox to attend the launch party of Love Beets (a beetroot company with British heritage), I had a bit of a breakfast brainwave… This post is broken down into three parts; 1) The benefits of beetroot, 2) the Love Beets Voga session at the London Edition hotel last week, and 3) my healthy ‘Beetroot Breakfast Milkshake’ recipe which is loaded with fresh ingredients and healthy fats to nourish your body nice and early in the day. Click MORE to get it all… (more…)