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I’ve lived in Blighty for over a decade now (and am half-English by birth), but I don’t remember this country having experienced such a proper stereotypical ‘summer’ before, with countless days of uninterrupted pleasant weather, and not a hosepipe ban in sight! To mark the occasion, here’s a deliciously light, refreshing and quintessentially ‘summery’ salad, somewhat infused with Scandinavian know-how. The texture and flavour really reminds me of Swedish summers! The crunchy, quenching fennel works beautifully when tossed into a salad and whilst this particular ‘edit’ is vegan-friendly, it works sublimely when dusted with flakes of roasted salmon too! Quick, easy and requiring almost no kitchen flare whatsoever, this is your best chance of upgrading your Monday-night Salad Game…



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Sometimes I crave burgers, and last week, such a day befell me. However, I am pescatarian; cue the plants! I decided to whip up a batch of vegan burgers using basically whatever I had the fridge. In my favor – these burgers are one of the easiest recipes to make. Using beans (you can use chickpeas, kidney beans, butter beans etc) is ideal because they pack a proper payload of protein, are super cost-effective to make and can be produced in bulk to be frozen for another day! Click MORE for the simple instructions to have your own healthy burger day! (more…)


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This little colorful Tofu Salad with Cashew Dressing is something I designed to make the most of the fridge leftovers – salad innovation is a totally freestyle discipline in that you can literally chuck in whatever you fancy; I’ve chosen a mixture of colorful everyday affordable vegetables with a mixture of crunchy textures, supplemented with the silky softness of the tofu parcels and augmented by the deep and rich flavours of turmeric and cumin as well as the thick breadth of the cashew dressing. The dish is undisputedly vegetarian, but the cashew and tofu add a decent source of plant protein, and since it’s properly summery in London right now, this is a real ‘sit outside in the evening sun‘ dinner dish which is both filling yet light enough to enable an unconstrained night’s sleep! Click MORE for the ingredients and ‘how to’… (more…)


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Spaghetti Bolognese remains a firm favourite dish the world over, but it’s one that we secretly know can’t possibly be that healthy. The reality is a seriously calorific event, often loaded with salt and high in fats (and not the healthy avocado-esque kinds). As part of my ongoing collaboration with Quorn, I’ve created a version that you can consider a far healthier alternative. As I’m a pescatarian (fish, but no meat) I’ve always used products like Quorn Meat-free Mince as a high-protein, low-saturated-fat source of nutrition – something I personally consider to be a key part of any healthy diet. Click MORE to get the recipe and ‘how-to’…


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There aren’t many vegan restaurants a non-believer would dare approach, and for many, the term ‘vegan’ carries a stigma, conjuring up images of bizarre nut-cheeses that are dry and uninviting. You’re certainly be unlikely to associate the term with ‘elegance’, ‘flavour’ and ‘pleasure’. But you’d be wrong. Recently, I was invited along to The Montagu at the Hyatt Churchill, In London’s Portman Square, just opposite Selfridges ‘Food Halls’. It’s part ‘in-house hotel restaurant’, part ‘piano bar’, but upon request, can dispatch an intricate 5-course vegan degustation menu, deisgned by the celebrated LA vegan chef, Ali Parvinjah! I was asked to sample the fare and share my reflections, which I’m more than happy to do because I was quite blown away! Click below to read the full review…

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