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The blogosphere is awash with traditional ideas for this coming Friday night, 14th Feb; this post includes a heart-healthy dinner and dessert recipe, and an altogether lighter approach to the evening!

Taking time to appreciate a special person in your life can be a delicious and rich event to savor in itself. But all too often, we seem to associate ‘I love you’ with ‘I must go on an obscenely indulgent empty-calorie binge this evening – like, I must really lose the plot!’. A little confusing on the face of it, but it’s the sugar rat within you craving an excuse to ‘legitimately’ go to town under the guise of something that’s constructive; “I’m eating these 2 tubs of cookie-dough ice cream drowned in hot chocolate sauce with vat of wine, to cement my loving relationship”, you might say to yourself. Whatever happened to a simple kiss? (FYI the IndiaTimes website suggests that kissing can burn up to 120 calories per hour!)

HOWEVER, DON’T FEAR – in partnership with my friends at Waitrose, I’ve mustered up this delicious heart-healthy romantic meal for a lighter, but no less indulgent Valentine’s Day! This entire spread should take c. 30 minutes to prepare in total, it’s easy to make, and more importantly it’s not going to ruin your good run of healthy form, or jeopardise your lovely warm heart ! Here’s the detail… (more…)