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When you hear ’trampoline’, the mind most likely shoots back to some childhood experience; perhaps care-free days outdoors in the summer at a friend’s house with a trampoline? Perhaps a bad experience from performing a double backflip with a twist and landing on the mud headfirst? Perhaps, but it’s not just for kids! There are so many fun classes to try out in London, and this one which I’ve seen all over social media recently, certainly gets the heart rate up! I thought I had to give it a go, so I went with a few girlfriends to Oxygen Freejumping in West London for a recon session, and was overwhelmed by the fun I had! It totally brought out my inner child, got me to work up a serious sweat, as well as feeling it in unusual muscles the next day! This post is a review of my ‘top 6’ benefits of trampolining, a photo-review of another fun class, as well as a message for the girls around the importance of a good supportive sports bra, in my case Shock Absorber. Click MORE to see the full post… (more…)