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A couple of weeks back, I was joined by friends from Technogym, LuluLuemon, Misfit and my partner in nutritious crime Dr. Michelle Storfer – along with a group of fabulous attendees – to discuss ‘The Future of Fitness’ at the Hoxton Hotel Holborn for an event hosted by Cointreau (phew, long sentence)! The reason I wanted to bring these panellists together is because I think there’s been a totally seismic shift in the health and fitness industry over the last few years, especially in terms of how we consume it through social media. People are partaking of daily fitspo like never before, and the health-conscious are joining a growing on-line community where people display nutritious recipes, opine on fitness fashion ‘looks’ and share workouts. There’s a markedly increased thirst for fitness knowledge too – people want to educate themselves on what to eat, how to train but also why they’re doing it in the first place, and how it all fits together. This is a true age of health enlightenment. This event was all about highlighting some of the key changes and how they might play out going forward! Read MORE to see what we arrived at…


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The battling ropes might look easy, but when executed correctly your whole body will be screaming in fabulous-workout-pain! I find that they challenge me in ways that are totally unlike other equipment, and can yield transformative results from a ‘toning’ perspective. They’re ‘tough fun’, can help develop power, explosiveness, muscular and cardiovascular endurance, build functional strength and toast fat! By design, they’re slightly too cumbersome and heavy to take around with you anywhere in the Prada – so on this occasion I opted for the Omnia installation at my local Virgin (no, these are not paid links, just good practise!). Find out why and how, here… (more…)


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I’ve just returned from a trip to Cesena, a town near Italy’s Bologna, which houses the 150,000 square meter mega-campus of Technogym, the purveyor of fine exercise machines. In the fitness industry, there’s nothing else like this in the world; perhaps only Google or Bloomberg can compare as ‘destination’ employers. The site is both strikingly vast and visually exquisite, crafted by the virtuoso architect Antonio Citterio, and comprising a super-slick factory, a clandestine R&D facility, a university, a vast gym, a spa, a medical facility, an organic restaurant and far more. This ‘Wellness Village’ is the iconic focal piece of a totally unique firm, regularly recognised as offering the ‘Best European company working conditions’. I’ve had a privileged behind-the-scenes peek into their HQ, and this post shares my findings on something you’ve probably never considered, but certainly should! Click MORE to see it all…

Fitness On Toast Faya Blog Girl Gym Healthy Workout Nutrition Fashion Training Sport Technogym Italy Wellness Campus Mywellness Lifestyle Treadmill Cross Trainer Weights Blogger Trip Machines Italy Cesena Bologna Travel - COMPILATION (more…)


I had a wander in Harrods this weekend and came across this shiny fitness contraption, who’s proper name is the Technogym Kinesis

As an aside; to keep the motivation-factor high (and the boredom-factor low!), I love seeking out new fitness-related concepts, be it the latest equipment, a new ‘group exercise class’ or even some novel ‘superfood’ hitting the supermarket shelf! In short, innovation = motivation! However full-on your workout may be, sometimes we all need a bit of variation and inspiration, and regardless of how many years you’ve been training, there’s always something new to learn and take away from a different experience. I regularly have a look around the gym to see what other people are up to and whether there are any exercises I haven’t encountered – then I steal them if they’re any good!

Back to Harrods’ newest toy, the Kinesis. It’s the highest expression of designer gym furniture. It’s only 1sq metre in size. It’s fitted with three handgrips. It operates in total silence. It facilitates over 200 different exercises that target all muscle groups. There’s an electronic dial to gradually & precisely increase the resistance. Each arm has three pivots that the cable slides through, allowing smooth movement in all directions. I think that if I were to have one of these at home, I’d use it to build strength, increase flexibility and improve my posture – amongst many other applications. And all for just £8,980!!! Oh well, it was fun to play with!