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Over the past 3 years, I’ve authored some of my most in-depth blog posts about each successive version of the iconic Apple Watch since it revolutionised the health and fitness tracking landscape back in 2015 (see review 1, review 2, and review 3); personally I’ve enormously valued the advances it’s enabled for me, arming me with data and awareness, reminding me to act, keeping me in contact with the community around me – and it did this whilst integrating seamlessly with my own ‘life technology stack’ in an un-intimidating, user-friendly way. Now, following an overwhelmingly impressive trip to the Steve Jobs Theatre in Cupertino, California, I have been introduced to my latest wrist companion, Apple Watch Series 4… Click MORE to see my full perceptions about this fascinating piece of kit, which represents a big hope for the future! (more…)



Last night, the CEO of electronics giant Huawei delivered the keynote address over at the Consumer Electronics Show in the Venetian, Las Vegas. He talked live to tens of thousands of people about a future where we move beyond the smartphone, toward the Intelligent Phone. To coincide with this, Huawei asked me to think about how I’d want my intelligent phone to look in 10 years time, from a health & fitness perspective. I jumped at the chance as I hold strong views on it. You might already feel that today’s smartphones are god-like remote controllers, ruling over our entire lives, and maybe my future aspirations for it will sound as crazy as the concept of Facebook would have seemed in the ‘90s. Regardless, my view is that it’ll be a blend of digital doctor, nano-nutritionist, mechanical butler, cyber security guard and Artificial Intelligence unit all in your pocket. It will help us live longer lives, and enjoy higher-quality, safer lives. It’ll take care of the trivial so that we can focus on what’s most relevant to enriching our lives. It will be a complete game changer for humanity. A bold and dramatic claim; click more to see why…


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Earlier, whilst I was wandering through London’s beautiful Borough Market, the inspiration for this delicious and healthy little dish hit me! As part of my partnership with bPay which I announced last week, I ventured out free from the shackles of a bulky wallet (& bag in which to store it!) armed only with my bPay devices. A great way for me to buy fresh ingredients from some of the cute little independent stalls I like to visit in Borough. My favourite component of this recipe? The noodles are made from ‘spiralised’ courgette, and contain 5x less carbohydrate than their ‘pasta’ big brother, with just 20 calories per cup, and super immune boosting levels of Vitamin C – whilst being no less filling! Click MORE to get the full recipe, and discover the images from my trip to this gem of a market!

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I’m super excited to announce that I’ve partnered with bPay to help promote a fitness-friendly way of paying for sustenance whilst you’re training! To demonstrate what I mean, I went for a little run around the stunning London 2012 Olympic Park, fed and watered myself along the way – but purposely left my wallet and cards at home! I wanted to be involved in this project because I think it solves a genuine problem I’ve encountered in the pursuit of a healthy, active lifestyle; minimising clutter when I’m training – I simply wore my bPay wristband and hit the road! Click MORE to get my photos from the campus, discover my picturesque [if slightly overcast] running route, and see what I got up to before and after 😀 ! (more…)


HeaderImage-Argos Google Hangout FitnessOnToastn Wearable Technology-1I’m super excited to announce that at 19:00 GMT tomorrow evening, I’ll be hosting a quick Google hangout ‘panel discussion’ about Fitness Technology for Argos! This is a huge year for ‘fit tech’, with some enormous innovations out there, so we’ll be discussing 4 intriguing pieces of kit – pros & cons. On the panel will be Liina from Mind Over Matter, David from MensRunning, and Lori from Wild and Grizzly who’ll be sharing their thoughts too! For those wondering whether or not I have a comically deep baritone voice, tune in at 19:00 (GMT) on Tuesday 6th January (tomorrow) via the LINK HERE, and have your say during Q&A! 😀 Faya x