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Abdominal strength is a popular topic – a significant chunk of the global population is in pursuit of the illustrious six pack. But aside from the aesthetics, there are countless physiological benefits associated with building a strong core (reduces risk of lower back pain, promotes improved posture, facilitates better motion etc.); however over the summer season, the aesthetic angle inevitably takes front seat! Through my work as a personal trainer, I encounter more and more people who, whilst becoming more health conscious (great!), still have under-developed core strength. It’s not unusual to sit in a slumped position at the desk for 9+ hours each day, which doesn’t require you to engage your core at all. As a common consequence, people develop problems with their pelvis, hips, lower back… This post is about the Side Plank, which is one of my favourite ways to train the muscular girdle around our midsections, and it’s a proper challenge against yourself! Click MORE to read about it… (more…)