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Last week, I was offered the opportunity to interview Elle Macpherson for 10 minutes, to coincide with the launch of her new wellness supplement called the Super Elixir at Selfridges – needless to say, I happily accepted that opportunity! Now you see, 10 minutes isn’t much time for little old me, but is a pretty big deal for an epic global supermodel who’s career is into its 4th decade! I had to make the most of my mini-window into Elle’s world, so I crafted a barrage of quick-fire questions (and a couple of longer ones towards the end) to try and gain a bit of an insight into how this glamorous, statuesque and effortlessly elegant woman keeps herself looking 30, even though she’s actually 50 (!). Read Elle’s answers BELOW, and see our Google Hangout from later in the day ( I’m on at 4:20 in case you get impatient 😀 ) compèred by the fabulous Calgary Avansino(more…)