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A couple of weeks ago, I woke super early one morning, excited to make my way to one of my favourite London parks Hampstead Heath, to shoot a short video with my friends at Adidas. The aim was to help showcase some of their latest vibrant eyewear. As I stepped out of my uber however, the skies properly opened up; it rained biblically for most of the morning, which made for a seriously dramatic skyscape, but tough work! Hampstead Heath is, amongst other things, known for it’s rolling and forest-like terrain, the gorgeous ‘Kenwood House’, and of course some epic views presiding above London – all that yielded some fantastic location material! Whilst it’s a pretty short video, it took a while to capture and I was running up and down Parliament Hill countless times, as well as slaloming in-and-out of the trees for a good half a day! Awesome fun, and decent exercise too, so a massive thanks to team Adidas for letting me be a part of this – I hope you like it! 🙂