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Fitness On Toast Faya Persian Salad

One of my closest friends is Persian, and I’ve been spoilt many times by her delicious, flavoursome cooking! The salad I’ve just made is traditionally called Shirazi; it’s super-nutritious and absolutely bursting with flavour and incredibly easy to make! Persian salads don’t rely on heavy, creamy or sugary dressings, but instead use swathes of herbs and spices to flavour a dish naturally. Click MORE to see the full ‘recipe’, and get the ‘benefits of’ the ingredients. (more…)


Fitness On Toast Faya Blog Girl Morocco Food Recipe Inspired Themed Moroccan Salad CousCous Tagine Saffron Courgette Chickpeas Zucchini Aubergine Sultanas Olives-11Myth-buster: ‘Healthy’ doesn’t need to mean bland or boring. I’ve long since learned to cook smarter, and have found that fresh herbs and spices are bursting with flavour and can utterly transform a dish on a super lean calorie budget, whilst possessing a wealth of health benefits such as disease-fighting antioxidants, and protection against chronic conditions (e.g. cancers, diabetes, and heart disease). They’re packed with vitamins and minerals and in the quantities you’ll use for a dish, are super low in calories. So rather than reaching for a creamy sauce to add easy taste (often laden with a lot of the wrong fats and way too much simple sugar) here’s my list of some of the surprising superpowers found within spices and herbs alone! (more…)