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One of the coolest parts of being an ambassador for adidas is enjoying the privilege to test out their unreleased experimental prototypes! OK, we’re not talking about piloting stealth fighter jets, but there is something outrageously compelling about new trainers / sneakers. To the uninitiated, the subculture that’s built up around sporty shoes is simply astonishing; collectors assemble multi-million dollar vaults of rare and cherished plimsolls, dedicated news websites compete to break news of ‘new crep drops’, and there’s even a stock exchange to make a market in trading sexy models! Well, this time, I got pretty lucky, as I was handed the keys to the future; the adidas Futurecraft 3D shoes (in triple-black!), printed from the ground up using powdered ‘recycled ocean plastic’. The above video is my review, which pays homage to the awesome Top Gear review of another iconic German brand’s ‘jewel in the crown’, the Porsche Carrera GT. Click more to read more of my thoughts about these beauties…




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ALERT: Fashion post! For those who’ve come to expect informative and forensic posts on niche topics, this one’s not for you 😀 We took these photos on a recent trip to New York with Adidas (you may have seen my post about the UltraBoost Launch), and I just had to share them! It was both the coldest and clearest of winter day’s I’ve experienced on Manhattan Island, and as I wandered through Central Park, I fell slightly more in love with the place! Click MORE to see all the pics… (more…)