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Fitness On Toast Faya Blog Healthy Recipe Fish Soup Salmon Saffron Spice Herb Tasty Lower Calorie Meal_As any regular reader of FitnessOnToast can probably tell, I love cooking with salmon, given its wealth of pro-health properties. This fish soup recipe is an absolute favourite of mine and is incredibly easy to make, yet is packed full of guilt-free flavour!
Typically this sort of fish soup is made with white wine and rich cream – NAUGHTY – so in the name of health and without compromising on flavour I’ve cut out the wine and replaced the double cream with a small amount of creme fraiche- and a little really does go a long way! This is because the saffron totally carries it, adding a delicious flavour to the dish as well as lending it that beautifully deep sunshine-yellow hue, perhaps perfectly timed for spring (?!). Another of Saffron’s key benefits is that it’s effectively calorie-free, with an impossibly high proportion of manganese, and a good allocation of vitamin C too. Click MORE to see Ingredients & How-To…


Fitness On Toast Faya Blog Hotel Breakfast Healthy Grapefruit Egg Avocado Smoked Salmon Porridge Berries Green Tea Orange Juice Health Natual Protein Good Fat Complex Carb Low GI Slow Release Recipe Picture-1

There can’t be many amongst us who dislike the fabulousness of a hearty ‘hotel breakfast’ spread – at a time when your body desperately needs fuel to power up, gather mental alertness, and prepare you for the day ahead, the trusty hotel delivers in spades! By starting the day correctly with a healthy meal, you’ll underpin the rest of the day and your body will be less likely to panic for food or overeat later. Also, by stabilising blood sugar levels early on, regulating energy and appetite, you’re more likely to avoid the classic irritability and lack of concentration.

Becoming a morning person is all about getting into a tolerable routine and what better way to do it than by bringing a little excitement to the ritual; a hotel-like breakfast. Rather than stressing your way out the front door on an empty stomach and demolishing a coffee and croissant on the go (both responsible for eventual blood sugar dips), take some time to wake up at the breakfast table, sip a green tea, read the paper, and enjoy a colourful, restorative, tasty meal in the same way you might do on holiday! It can (and should) be a fabulous meal like any other to really enjoy and look forward to. There is a huge amount of choice too; breakfast doesn’t just have to be bran flakes out of a cardboard box… If your reason for not having breakfast is because you’re time-poor, check out my healthy muesli which only involves the time it takes to add milk to a bowl! However, my breakfast this Sunday morning was made up of a selection of healthy dishes but in rather smaller portionsa good source of protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and plenty of vitamins and minerals. A bowl of porridge topped with some yummy berries, a hard-boiled egg, smoked salmon and avocado, a small glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and a cup of green tea. I’m loving grapefruit at the moment so managed to add a half as well.

See more photos and nutritional info below… Faya x 🙂

Fitness On Toast Faya Blog Hotel Breakfast Healthy Grapefruit Egg Avocado Smoked Salmon Porridge Berries Green Tea Orange Juice Health Natual Protein Good Fat Complex Carb Low GI Slow Release Recipe Picture COMPILATION (more…)


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Christmas is infamous for overeating indulgent sugary, fattening foods. This post is my attempt at a healthier alternative – it’s a tour-de-force of the same foods but with a bit of a lighter twist. Perhaps you can just pick and choose a few ideas from it, and as you can see from the picture above, ‘healthier’ needn’t look any less inviting and ‘Christmassy’ 🙂 ! Click MORE to see lovely pictures of the rest of my meal & get the ‘how to’ 🙂 Faya




Fitness On Toast Faya Quinoa Lentil Grilled Salmon Healthy Dish Tasty Recipe High Protein Natural

OK, so it’s hardly festive-themed food, but in my calendar, we’re not quite there yet. In the meantime, I’m staying on the straight and narrow with this immensely nutritious ‘Grilled Salmon, Quinoa, Lentils Avocado and Almond’ dish. Weighing in at a reasonable 480 calories with just 20 minutes of low-intensity preparation time, it ticks so many healthy boxes and leaves me feeling totally contented… though obviously a Selfridges mini mince pie (my personal kryptonite) complements it beautifully for dessert 🙂 ! Read more here… (more…)


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I got the sudden urge for a healthy ‘kitchen experiment’, so here’s my very first attempt to make salmon fish cakes. If I may say so myself, experiment success! They taste yum! See ‘more’ to get detail on nutritional value of Salmon & the other tasty asian-inspired ingredients – and good luck! Faya x