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I was recently invited to juice master Jason Vale‘s film premiere in Leicester Square, where I got the opportunity to sample his latest creation, Super Juice Me… In the docu-film, 8 chronically ill individuals go to live in a Portuguese retreat and subsist on Jason’s juice concoctions; through juicing, they try to tackle their ailments and improve their quality of life. It’s a fascinating film, and was very much an inspiring day, which got me fired up to make two of his quite delicious recipes – ‘The Berry Crunch’ (sumptuously sweet and perfect for someone with a little bit of a sweet tooth, like me perhaps) and ‘The Natural Energiser’ (a refreshingly zesty power-elixir to wake you up with a bolt!). Click MORE for the recipes…



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I’ve now completed my very first ‘5 day juice detox’ as part of the World’s Biggest Juice Detox event, and as you can see from the above pictures, they looked and tasted gorgeous! As I mentioned in my post last week when I set out on this venture, my ethos is to favour the long-term, sustainable and healthy lifestyle choice of eating clean for most of the time, aside from the occasional treat. ‘Diet’ is not a word I typically associate with nor do I cut out entire food groups; the last 5 days, in my book, have been extreme, but in the name of investigation I have guineapigged myself, as detoxing is such a controversial topic that evokes equal passion from its devotees and critics alike. Views vary from beneficial and essential, to dangerous and pointless…. Below are my 10 observations from the week, along with the thoughts of a qualified doctor and nutritionist. Enjoy! Faya x (more…)