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Happy New Year, my good reader! If you’re anything like me, you’re most likely not new to the whole fitness thing; you’ve possibly been training for years, and you might even be in groundhog mode with your regime – which would be totally normal, we all visit that place! Hitting a plateau can be super confusing because you probably don’t know what’s causing it. The sorts of questions swirling around your mind are likely; am I not training enough, am I training too much, am I training the wrong way, in the wrong place, with the wrong people, wearing the wrong clothes, listening to the wrong music (etc.)? Well fear not, dear 2019-ready reader, for this post contains my top 7 simple tips to help you to break through that training plateau! Click MORE for your download to start the year the way you mean to go on – in blitz mode! (more…)


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I can relate to the famous C. S. Lewis quotation ‘Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but you look back and everything is different’; part of the reason why a quarter of people give up on their New Year’s Resolutions by the end of January is because they expect too much, too quickly. We live in a fast-paced ‘disposable’ society – instant gratification is consumed, then we’re off in search of our next hit! When I learned of the Starbucks No Ordinary Day Latte campaign (which caters for all sorts of customisations!), it made me consider the fix. To make these resolutions stick, I think the key is to decidedly kick off the change by planning an extraordinary day – and then repeating parts of it ever-more regularly whilst having patience! It’s not about one giant leap (dramatic as that may sound), but rather small steps and consistency, and 366 of these will sum to No Ordinary Year! Click MORE to see my thoughts on how to plan it out!  (more…)


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London gym memberships can be so lofty as to price many out of the market – but that doesn’t have to mean that fitness is unachievable! This post is intended to showcase my Top 5 Bodyweight Exercises which can help you get [or stay] in shape for 2016. To illustrate this full body workout which can be dispatched without weights, I shot these images on London’s gorgeous Primrose Hill, wearing the new Superdry Sport collection! Click MORE to see the full post…


Time for a recipe I think, and whilst this healthy Asian Prawn Soup may at first appear long and complicated, once you’ve done it you’ll see how straightforward and quick it is! You’re making your own super flavoursome broth, which I think is a great skill to have as it eliminates the need to rely on heavy sauces or salty stocks to flavour a dish. I love Asian-inspired recipes precisely because they’re always bursting with flavours; this Prawn soup makes use of fresh herbs to give it that rich flavour. You may have read my previous post about the multiple health benefits to be gained from eating fresh herbs and spices in your diet. This recipe, which coincides with a little feature I put together for yesterday, maxes out on taste, whilst packing fewer calories and more nutritional value. READ MORE

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As a response to a recent email, I’m going to start showcasing some of the gorgeous places to exercise in the truly special city that is London! Today, I’m starting with one of my absolute favourites, the stunning Hampstead Heath. It’s an epic park which finds itself a mere 6km away from the gridlocked traffic of Trafalgar Square -but you’d barely believe it was the same country! To my mind, this is the ultimate escapist parkland 🙂 This post also coincides with a little feature I put together for Gap over on their site yesterday – super exciting, check it out! Click MORE to read my thoughts on this beautiful part of London & see its secret gems!

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Fitness On Toast Faya Blog Girl Downloadable Guide New Year Fitness Resolution Health Guide Book eBook PDF Nutrition Exercise FitI reject the idea that with the advent of January, we need to reinvent ourselves to pursue a monk-like existence of restraint. It’s totally unrealistic, unsustainable, not very much fun, and all a bit of a tired 90s cliché! Sure we might have predictably lost track a bit in December – not a crime, just human – but we can get right back on course without going to extremes. To me, there’s so much more sense in pursuing a healthy, sustainable and enjoyable ethos for as much of the year as possible – and that includes treating yourself. This is the entire ethos of my blog, and I’m finally putting it into a guide so that you can benefit from the discoveries it’s taken me years to make.

I’ve spent about 12 months putting this guide together with Dr Michelle Storfer, one of London’s leading Nutritionists who shares my ethos. Health & fitness is a choice that’s open to everyone, all the time. Even if you just dip in a little more than you used to, that’s progress too! Click HERE (or on the picture above) to download the guide & start your year as you mean to go on! Good luck 😀 x


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The 7 days between 24th Dec and 1st Jan are dusted with a special kind of carefree frosting (aka sugar), but now the festivities are over, it’s time to regain control over the wild indulgence and revisit healthier eating habits such as portion control – normal service resumed! Mulled wine is no longer the main source of liquids, 6 deep-filled luxury mince pies aren’t ‘just a cheeky little snack’, and it’s harder to find an excuse to nap off the food coma in bed during the afternoons! To properly wean off the sweet stuff is a gradual process, so I like to take it one step at a time. A great starting point is this Citrus Fruit Salad which is super quick-and-easy to prepare, loaded with antioxidant Vitamin C compounds for an immune boost, and contains a wealth of other vitamins and minerals to see you back on the straight and narrow! Click MORE to get the why and how-to 🙂 (more…)