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Energy – it’s a topic that’s often utterly misunderstood by clients, but I feel is a crucial one to grasp if you’re going to get the most out of your training. It’s our ability to do work. Every cell in our body needs it, and without it we wouldn’t be able to produce hormones, repair tissues, digest food etc. It’s stored in macronutrients (which are those three categories, ‘Fats’, ‘Proteins’ and ‘Carbohydrates’), and is accessible for our muscles to zupp up, via the two states of energy consumption; a) Anaerobic (without oxygen) and b) Aerobic (with). People often assume that one or the other is ‘bad’, but they’re just different, and both helpful! This post will dig into the benefits of each state! Also it was such a beautifully sombre day in London for this Remembrance Sunday, that I decided to visit the Tower of London to catch a final glimpse of the 890k ceramic poppies (called Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red), installed to commemorate those soldiers who bravely fought & died to keep Britain free. Whether you read it for the content, or just look at the pictures, it’s all HERE:
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