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Last weekend I experienced tidal waves of cravings for some delicious crepes! A totally inexplicable impulse, but I had to do something about it! My solution [this recipe] takes practically no time at all (10 minutes), uses just 5 ingredients (all of which I already had in my cupboard) and requires no culinary finesse whatsoever! It’s a super quick, easy and affordable recipe which only relies on some staple ingredients, and yet which delivers an ultra satisfying punch of crepe textures and flavors! So today or tomorrow, why not treat yourself to something delicious too?! Click more to get the full recipe… 



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INDULGENCE ALERT! December holds so many relentless temptations; sugary cocktails, heavenly mince pies, calorific festive dinners, and all the other trimmings. Whilst the FitnessOnToast ethos encourages regular engagement with your ‘cheat treat’, it certainly doesn’t condone the tragicomic 7,000 calories that the average Brit will eat on christmas day! So for now, here’s my latest tasty recipe to help you stay on track with your fitness goals this December; Healthy Festive Pancakes! The ingredients are all natural, the taste is naturally (and modestly) sweetened, the texture is somewhere between regular and American pancakes (filling and thick, yet light and fluffy, with a deliciously full flavour). The result crushes future urges and/or temptations! Click MORE to get the ‘How To’… (more…)


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… is some time in mid-February admittedly, but I’ve decided to whip up a batch, nonetheless! My sweet tooth and daydreams of Swedish summers in the archipelago eating home-made pancakes with jam have me yearning for simpler times and simpler carbs. Nowadays however, I consider it slightly taboo to consume an ‘Everest’ of whipped cream and chocolate atop my pancakes; indeed even the starchy pancake mix itself could be improved upon! So here’s my healthy pancake alternative which mixes sweet and savoury flavours into a filling treat which is totally natural. I’ve also included the recipe to one of my favourite home made jams which is fabulously healthy and easy to make! Click MORE to get it all… (more…)