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Being a devout follower of Activewear trends (it’s been my daily ‘uniform’ for over a decade as a personal trainer), I relished the opportunity to visit PURE London a few weeks back. It’s the monster-scale Fashion Industry ‘trade show’ at London’s cavernous Olympia which, amongst other genres, showcases a tonne of new sportswear that’s about to hit the market! I sifted through over 700 brands, and this, my dear reader, is a quick and easy-to-digest roundup showcasing what I thought were the top 5 discoveries – these are brands to keep your eyes on over the next few months! Click MORE to see them all… (more…)


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Today, I’m super excited to reveal my brand spanking new-look blog – it needed a bit of sprucing up since there hadn’t been an outfit change since it was born! To kick things off, I thought there was no topic more appropriate than the eponymous new monochrome collection from Ivy Park, to match the minimal pared-back B&W aesthetic I went with for this blog! Unless you’ve been living under a stone (+ blindfolded + ear plugged), you may have missed that one of the most iconic hyperstars on the planet just launched her own collection in partnership with Topshop. Queen B, aka Beyoncé, has put pen to paper with Sir Philip Green’s retail powerhouse to design an extremely intelligent line of flattering and affordable performance wear, and I absolutely LOVE the result(more…)


As part of writing a lifestyle blog, I’m sometimes asked where I choose to purchase my activewear looks and/or accessories. Up to this point, it’s usually from occasional department store visits. However, things are changing, and today I’m happy to share a little treasure chest of lifestyle finds – Bicester Village. Traditionally thought of as a pure ‘designer outlet’, the shape of their offering is changing, to reflect the different ways that you and I express our shopping impulses! Sportswear has long since joined the ranks of the luxury maisons and to mark the landmark opening of the Lucas Hugh boutique (I’m pictured with founder, Anjhe Mules who I interviewed HERE), I hopped up to Bicester on the direct train from Marylebone, and discovered a wealth of healthy lifestyle shops with proper discounts! This post documents my experience so that you can see if it might be for you too! (more…)


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From nowhere, wearables have exploded into a multi-billion dollar industry, and fitness has been a massive driver. Stats say that if we buy one, there’s a 50% chance we’re under 30, and a 50% chance that we’ll use the device every day – but that’s still a lot of people who don’t use them regularly! I’ve tried almost all of them, I like some, I don’t get on with others; product reviews are rare on FitnessOnToast, but this post is about the only wearable that’s really connected with me, the one which has game-chagingly lowered the barriers to use, in which I feel emotionally invested, and which delivers the best quality of data to me, in the most aspirationally packaged way. It’s the Apple Watch, and this article is an illustration of “48 hours with it”, from my recent Maldives trip! (more…)


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I love discovering new fitness brands, especially when their ethos totally strikes a chord with my own. This post sheds light on the enchanting bohemian collections of House of Dharma, a brand of earthy-toned beautifully-designed resort & activewear founded by two sisters (and best friends), Kayleigh and Carrie Curneen. Their operation is based partly in Bali and partly in Ibiza (where I first met Kayleigh years ago), and the clothes have a unique aesthetic which I’ve not encountered elsewhere; it’s a blend of free-spirited ancient silhouettes/shapes, impossibly soft and relaxed floaty materials, tribal patterns and themes, gorgeous natural tones, and ethically sustainable local production values. The result is glamorous, feminine, chic, and effortlessly inspirational! I met up with the founders in London’s Primrose Hill for a full interview on all things Dharma. Click MORE to see the pictures we shot, along with reading their responses! (more…)


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On my Active Escape to the breathtakingly beautiful Greek island of Santorini, I went on a serious 3-hour power walk from the town of Oia to Fira – a 3 hour uphill, downhill, rugged, mountainous, perilous and absolutely breathtaking path. This post, in collaboration with one of my favourite apparel brands (being a patriotic Swede) H&M, lists the many benefits of power walking set alongside the photos from my trek! Click MORE to see it all… (more…)


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I just bought myself a cold-press juicer, which I’ve been meaning to get for ages, but have finally pulled the trigger! Around London, there are countless juice bars that have sprung up from nowhere, all boasting clean branding, wafer-thin fonts, green cloudy bottles and eye-watering prices. I’m all for the juice craze, but as with anything, I think it’s worth finding out what your juice is actually made of – my juicer gives me that control! This post contains one of my all-time favourite juice recipes (The Holy Kale), a few pointers on how to approach juicing, and some images we shot with Urban Outfitters whilst wandering the juicing epicentre – Marylebone! Click MORE to see it all… (more…)


OK so it’s not a fitness festival, but I wanted to showcase some of the beautiful behind-the-scenes encounters from when we shot our collaboration with Urban Outfitters in Venice – including this fun little blog video 🙂 Travelling has always been one of the things I savour most in life. Growing up, I’d plastered maps on my walls, and installed a globe by my bedside, to let my imagination roam as my mind drifted off! Then, as well as now, if I’m ever feeling a bit down, I’ll conjure images of all the exciting places I’m yet to visit; the romantic, sinking city of Venice was always one of them, and this little ‘active escape’ was the perfect opportunity to check it off the list. Jogging around the canals was a great way to get to know the place a little better, and cancelled out a few of those irresistibly delicious Italian lattes! Click MORE to see all the snaps of my Venetian finds… (more…)


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I recently hopped over to Florida for a photo shoot with Trendy Sports, one of the US’ leading online ‘fitness fashion’ destinations, now in Europe too. When they first got in contact, I took a look at their website and instantly wanted to be involved; they’ve curated a collection of many of my absolute favourite fitness brands in one place (Monreal, Lucas Hugh, J Linderberg, Peak Performance, Hugo Boss etc), and the original imagery on their sites definitely straddles the fitness/fashion boundary. ‘Golf’ may often conjure up dull images of the standard ‘white polos and chinos’ uniform; in these photos the mixture of styles – traditional as well as bold prints and colours were clearly taking 18th (& 19th-hole) fashion in a totally new direction! It was proving what I’ve always believed, that there is practically no separation between fashion and fitness wear. Fitness is a genuine, legitimate fashion occasion, and it’s ok to dress up for it! Click MORE to see some of their campaign images as well as some behind-the-scenes shots I snapped too! (more…)


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I recently visited the beautiful city of Venice on an active blog trip (which I’m super excited to share in an upcoming post). On my journey there, I was thumbing through a fitness magazine which made me think about how we’re compelled to pursue unattainable deadlines. Every year, the pattern is repeated; new years resolutions, Valentine’s sexy, summer beach body etc. They also, unsurprisingly, fall on the same day and demand the same unrealistic, short-termist targets. Almost all the major fitness publications and magazines in general seem to publish their ‘beach body’ articles in May; that leaves you about 4 weeks to witness your ‘goddess transformation’, depending on which publication you pick. This typically involves radically changing your entire fitness regime, nutrition requirements and social life. But with 4 weeks until holiday, do you want to be a monk, shun dinner with friends, go teetotal, spend every spare moment on the treadmill, eat lettuce religiously and remove all fun from life? That’s no way to live, and I think there is another way! (more…)