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Despite having woken at some ungodly hour for countless years as a Personal Trainer, I am not, nor have I ever been, a morning person – but I have my tricks! If you too are a regular human being and struggle with your daily breakup from that cozy sanctuary known as ‘bed’, I might be able to help you turn those dreaded early mornings from snooze mode to cruise mode! This post contains my favourite 5 universal methods to unlock some more of your morning potential! As a busy multi-tasking butterfly, I’m forever rushing to get out of the house, so grabbing something healthy, quick and easy is somewhat of a saviour. Tropicana, with whom I’ve partnered for this post, is a great option, and is a juice I’ve been drinking regularly since my youngest days in Sweden. Their new Whole Fruit juice is filling (the texture is velvety and rich), and it delivers an even greater knockout punch of nutritional value. Click MORE to see why I grab this on a busy morning, as well as my 5 key tips to help you live your best morning!



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I wanted to share a recent visit to Gymbox Farringdon, where I was invited to hit up the method laundry Challenge for their “Give it a Spin” class! It’s a purpose-built Spin Cycle class, crafted by method (a planet-friendly household brand which massively appeals to my inner eco-warrior) using a series of fragrances which motivate you to work out even harder! Now, there are countless mega-gyms, niche studios and pop-up classes proliferating all around London, and I’m always thrilled to try new ones and share them here. This class, at this gym, did not disappoint! If you haven’t been to this Gymbox, it’s well worth a visit; it’s unlike any other gym in that it feels as if you’ve entered an underground rave. With a DJ in a cage blasting forth tech house upon the cavernous gym floor, exercise revelers are propelled by the energy, and therefore they really go for it. That in turn, is hugely motivating. There’s no need to wait for any of the squat racks or benches because there are so many of them all over the place. There’s a huge section of monkey bars, pull-up bars – it’s literally an adult’s playground! Click MORE to see all about the class, to enter my competition to win AN ENTIRE YEAR’S free laundry detergent plus a Monreal gym bag, and to discover the delicious scents!



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Last week, I hosted a 30min high-intensity fitness class for a group of awesome girls, as part of my ongoing partnership with Yes To the natural skincare and hair care brand, at the beautiful Mind-Body studio in Virgin Active Mayfair. When I train, I like to combine high intensity exertion with bodyweight exercises, and often skipping too; it’s a highly portable and ultra-effective workout technique which you can easily dispatch from the comfort of your own home, or even a hotel room whilst travelling. For this reason, it’s how I structured this half-hour power-class! It’s especially good if you’re short on time, have a limited attention-span, are keen to toast fat, to improve muscle definitionand to build serious stamina that you can draw upon in a moments notice! Click MORE to get the ‘how & why’!

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Not just the preserve of the beauty blogger, fitness bloggers too have their own bags full of favourite little treasures! I try to stay as healthy as I can for as much of the time as possible, notwithstanding the occasional treat required to maintain my sanity 🙂 This post details some of the current healthy-favourites you’ll find inside my sports bag right now, including a bunch of hero products from Yes ToApple and Beats(more…)


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Regular readers will know that Fitness On Toast is all about pursuing a lifestyle of healthy, natural ‘wellness’; with that in mind, this post is sponsored by my friends at Yes To, a natural skin & haircare brand to which I was introduced a few months ago, and which really struck a chord with me. I work out 5 days a week, and as a consequence of such regular showering, I’m constantly searching for nourishing products that are kind to my hair and body! These products are almost edibly natural (think carrots, coconut oil, blueberries, avocado, grapefruit), but are also ethically conscious, affordable, work a treat and smell delicious – all important, to my mind! I used them after this awesome ‘Anti Gravity Yoga’ session at Virgin Active Mayfair last weekend; I spent a good hour suspended mid-air, mostly hanging upside down in a bright red hammock – and I LOVED it! Click MORE to see more about the session and discover my Yes To kit of choice 🙂

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Summer temperatures are upon us, and that brings with it the need for refreshment… these might well be the best ice lollies I’ve ever had! A bold claim, but to my defence, the ingredients are a collection of favourites; fresh fruits and berries – bursting with vitamins and minerals, plus they’re naturally sweet and delicious! The advantage over shop-bought products is that you KNOW they contain no preservatives, colourings, flavour enhancing chemicals or artificial bits – plus they’re totally fresh! These ice lollies are all-natural, super quick-and-easy to make, and are perfect for children and adults alike on a hot summers day! Click MORE to get the recipe, and for the chance to WIN YOUR OWN VITAMIX, the ultra high-performance blender, which I’m giving away to one lucky reader 🙂 … (more…)