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I’m a bit of a gadget fiend and love playing about with new fitness devices – one I’ve been excited to trial since its announcement is Fitbit’s latest iteration, the Versa. Several of my Personal Training clients use its predecessor the Ionic, and they are without exception, big fans. So when I was recently invited to Barcelona by Fitbit and Deezer for a wellness weekend to put the Versa to the test, I couldn’t wait to give it a shot! Together with a group of passionate journalists who’d coalesced from all across Europe, we participated in a series of fitness experiences on the beach, as well as a host of other activities. Since then I have been wearing the Versa every day back in London, and am happy to bring you 10 of my favorite bits so far! Click MORE to see them all…

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This is a short post-ette on seeking out acoustic motivation, in whatever form works for you! I’ve written extensively on the importance of setting goals, checking in on oneself, and measuring progress, but I believe that to achieve all of this, motivation is something that must be sought out every single day; as Zig Ziglar observed, ‘People often say that motivation doesn’t last – wellneither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily!’. I wanted to share with you one of the major ways in which I encounter and extract health and fitness motivation on a daily basis. The best bit is that you can do it anywhere, anytime and it costs nothing – whilst commuting, walking to work or the gym (my favourite), whilst cooking, cleaning or even whilst working. Podcasts not only deliver awesome and focussed motivation, but they’re informative and keep me entertained. As with everything, there are parts of certain pods I agree with and others I don’t, but it’s always interesting to hear different views. I’m broadening my horizons whilst accomplishing things I might not have wanted to accomplish, spurred along by this! Click MORE to see my top podcasts and my two items that deliver me pure audiophile bliss 🙂 (more…)


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I believe that for every single one of us, there’s a customised formula we can follow to secure a resolute 2016; that formula might differ from person to person, but through it all, inspiration is a vital ingredient, a constant across every human I’ve met. The new year is upon us which means a bunch of us will set personal goals to which we’re statistically unlikely to adhere. I’ve previously written about how to structure your fitness goals (HERE) and help ensure you stick to them – this is more of a deep-dive about the very sources from which you might like to draw inspiration in the first place. That process of motivational influence is something I regard as the fundamental building block of a solid year! I was thinking about what truly inspires me as I went for a run around London’s Embankment (in itself a motivational experience!); this post collects together my top 10 inspirational findings! (more…)