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This post features a training session & an interview with the super-charismatic top Model, Max Rendell, revealing how he wholly pursues a fit and healthy lifestyle amidst the chaotic travel demands placed upon a world-class beautiful person! His schedule is relentless, but his discipline around wellness comfortably matches it. What amazes me most is that whilst Max is in his early twenties, his knowledge and understanding of all things ‘healthy’ is incredibly advanced; it’s almost unthinkable that 20 years ago, young adults would have professed such an ethos – I think that’s a super-positive result of ‘health & fitness trends‘ meeting ‘the internet‘, and helping us all to school-up before we tone-up! Click MORE to see pics from our session, and to get the ‘Model Tips & Tricks’ from our interview!



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The eagle-eyed reader may have noticed a little dusting of LUCAS HUGH appearing on FitnessOnToast recently… For those who’ve not encountered the brand, I tend to think of it as the original luxury athletic-wear maison, founded way back in 2010 by creative director Anjhe Mules. She had the visionary aspiration of fusing hyper-technical fabrics with fashion-forward designs, and packaging it all up with expert ‘luxe’ execution. 4 years on, this concept no longer seems revolutionary to us, and is emulated by so many, but this trailblazer must be recognised! I adore the sleekness of the lines, the politely daring aesthetic, the functionality of the fabrics (both from the visually ‘shaping’ function and the ‘technical’ properties), the snug feel of the fit, and even the sophisticated majesty of that iconic logo. I took a LUCAS HUGH ‘look’ to the gardens of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo in Lake Como for this photoshoot; click MORE to see the results & to read my interview with Anjhe!

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Last week, I was offered the opportunity to interview Elle Macpherson for 10 minutes, to coincide with the launch of her new wellness supplement called the Super Elixir at Selfridges – needless to say, I happily accepted that opportunity! Now you see, 10 minutes isn’t much time for little old me, but is a pretty big deal for an epic global supermodel who’s career is into its 4th decade! I had to make the most of my mini-window into Elle’s world, so I crafted a barrage of quick-fire questions (and a couple of longer ones towards the end) to try and gain a bit of an insight into how this glamorous, statuesque and effortlessly elegant woman keeps herself looking 30, even though she’s actually 50 (!). Read Elle’s answers BELOW, and see our Google Hangout from later in the day ( I’m on at 4:20 in case you get impatient 😀 ) compèred by the fabulous Calgary Avansino(more…)


All the magazines I read try to sell me aspirational premium sportswear, which is great, but sometimes I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a new training look. With that in mind, I’m loving H&M’s new sporty range at the moment!

In all the pics below, I’m wearing a new pair of Hennes ‘sports tights’ as they call them. Printed-pattern pants continue to be a huge trend this spring/summer. These tights come with an elasticated waist, they are super comfy, functional, breathable, and have a funky jungle print (!!). Best of all, they’re just £15 (!).

And yes, it’s minus 3 degrees and snowy in London this morning but this jogger (me), to her surprise isn’t feeling cold at all – rather refreshed and very awake! A run in the snow is twice as peaceful, especially on this picturesque 4.5 mile route around the Maida vale canal – lovely!

See all the pics here… Faya x