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Short on time, but desperate for some existentially-redefining delicious food? Well dear reader, look no further, for these seriously-yum & super-easy-to-make ROCKET ROLLS are precisely what you’ve been looking for. Search your feelings, you know this to be true. They look so pretty & are guaranteed to impress all possible guests with their colourful, versatile & healthy ingredients. They are also the perfect lunch to take to work, given how neat and filling they are. Aside from that delectable sauce, the ingredients are all pretty healthy, consisting mainly of fresh veggies and herbs – they combine to deliver a proper knockout flavoursome punch! When it comes to the dressing, it has quite a rich essence and therefore you don’t actually need to use that much of it. The rolling of the rice sheets can demand some dexterity, but frankly by the third one, you’re guaranteed to get the hang of it. Click MORE to see the full recipe – I hope you love them as much as I do! (more…)


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… is some time in mid-February admittedly, but I’ve decided to whip up a batch, nonetheless! My sweet tooth and daydreams of Swedish summers in the archipelago eating home-made pancakes with jam have me yearning for simpler times and simpler carbs. Nowadays however, I consider it slightly taboo to consume an ‘Everest’ of whipped cream and chocolate atop my pancakes; indeed even the starchy pancake mix itself could be improved upon! So here’s my healthy pancake alternative which mixes sweet and savoury flavours into a filling treat which is totally natural. I’ve also included the recipe to one of my favourite home made jams which is fabulously healthy and easy to make! Click MORE to get it all… (more…)