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Muesli makes up an absolutely core part of my daily nutrition; it’s the raw calorific breakfast overflowing with the essential vitamins & minerals to fuel me for the day ahead. I’m not talking about pre-fabricated supermarket-sourced muesli which tends to be long on sugar and short on nutrients, but something altogether more bespoke and nourishing. Regular readers with a long memory may recall my Uber-Muesli‘ post containing the first version of my ever-evolving muesli recipe. Then followed some tweaks in ‘Perfecting the Uber-Muesli‘. Now, a full 14 months on, I thought it was time for an update post to show a few more tweaks to better reflect my latest understanding! This post contains all my latest thinking on the current edition and it’s 10 key ingredients; my ‘Maxi-Muesli’ !