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Some wonderfully engaged readers have been emailing me asking that I investigate some affordable fitness fashion options. At first, that sounds like a tough ask, because the price points on everything we tend to consider fashionable in the fitness world seem to be eye-wateringly expensive; they become these elated objects of desire in our mind’s eyes, like little gods in their own right! However, I think that doesn’t have to be the case. A keen eye on the internet, where something is always on sale *somewhere*, is the best way to steal a bargain, but failing that, you might look in the less obvious places…

This post features some wonderfully affordable workout kit from the high street brand, Bershka, to fulfil just such a brief… I found the clothes on an aimless stroll down Oxford Street and made a journey into the store to see what they’ve got that could be used for blog purposes; I was a bit shocked to see a whole fitness collection ready to go! From the options, I picked out the Neoprene Sweatshirt (£29.99), the Racerback Sports T-Shirt (£14.99),  the ‘Waistband Detail’ Sports Leggings (£19.99), and the Mesh Sports Bag (£29.99). I’ve teamed them with a new pair of shoes too, the Adidas Boosts, which were also more affordable than I’d feared and feel impossibly springy underfoot, as if they’re doing more than just recycling my wasted energy, but injecting a shot of extra power! The entire Bershka outfit leaves you with a fiver’s change from £100, which is less than some gym t-shirts I’ve seen in sports departments!

Over the coming months, I’ll be on the lookout for more chic and affordable fitness fashion to continue to prove that it is possible to workout stylishly without breaking the bank! Think Gap, Zara, Primark etc. Full pictures from the photoshoot at the link below, and more affordability to follow 🙂 Faya x

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All the magazines I read try to sell me aspirational premium sportswear, which is great, but sometimes I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a new training look. With that in mind, I’m loving H&M’s new sporty range at the moment!

In all the pics below, I’m wearing a new pair of Hennes ‘sports tights’ as they call them. Printed-pattern pants continue to be a huge trend this spring/summer. These tights come with an elasticated waist, they are super comfy, functional, breathable, and have a funky jungle print (!!). Best of all, they’re just £15 (!).

And yes, it’s minus 3 degrees and snowy in London this morning but this jogger (me), to her surprise isn’t feeling cold at all – rather refreshed and very awake! A run in the snow is twice as peaceful, especially on this picturesque 4.5 mile route around the Maida vale canal – lovely!

See all the pics here… Faya x