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There are those iconic postcard images we’ve all glanced at one time or another, formed of opalescent skies, gentle haze and crystal seas, which are conjured in the mind at the mentioning of ‘paradise’. For me, that place had always been embodied by the Grecian sun-kissed island of Santorini. Crisp white villas topped with royal-blue domes, perched romantically on cliffs, and peering dizzyingly over the azure Aegean Sea hundreds of meters below. The hotel I’ve long lusted after has ever been the hyper-picturesque Katikies in the town of Oia (northern-most Santorini), a snaking labyrinth of immaculate whitewashing, breezy luxury, and care-free bliss. My experience there has revealed a slice of secluded, heavenly perfection, intimately nestled amidst secret white coves, overflowing with charming personality, and totally dedicated to the faultless service of guests. The active traveler is truly spoiled here… (more…)


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I recently wrote a post on the multiple benefits of Sports Massage; it’s a topic about which I still receive regular emails, so I thought I’d extend the series into this post looking at reflexology – how it works, along with its many advantages. That’s because in training, we rely on our feet far more than we perhaps realise; for stability in stance, springing up / off, gaining traction, sprinting, climbing, propulsive kicking in the pool… yet for all their relentless use, they’re generally neglected and often in need of some serious TLC. Reflexology is a holistic, ancient Chinese practice, which like a sports massage isn’t a cosmetic skin-level treatment but instead aims to bring relief to a wide range of conditions (including stress, muscle tension, hormonal imbalances, back pain, poor circulation, toxin cleansing, digestive problems, menopause, sleep difficulties, and migraines). My personal experience has been of extreme relaxation and refreshment, which really helped to invigorate my workouts. Read my top 10 benefits of reflexology HERE, along with these pictures we shot with Havaianas on my recent active trip to Santorini … (more…)


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On my Active Escape to the breathtakingly beautiful Greek island of Santorini, I went on a serious 3-hour power walk from the town of Oia to Fira – a 3 hour uphill, downhill, rugged, mountainous, perilous and absolutely breathtaking path. This post, in collaboration with one of my favourite apparel brands (being a patriotic Swede) H&M, lists the many benefits of power walking set alongside the photos from my trek! Click MORE to see it all… (more…)