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Despite having woken at some ungodly hour for countless years as a Personal Trainer, I am not, nor have I ever been, a morning person – but I have my tricks! If you too are a regular human being and struggle with your daily breakup from that cozy sanctuary known as ‘bed’, I might be able to help you turn those dreaded early mornings from snooze mode to cruise mode! This post contains my favourite 5 universal methods to unlock some more of your morning potential! As a busy multi-tasking butterfly, I’m forever rushing to get out of the house, so grabbing something healthy, quick and easy is somewhat of a saviour. Tropicana, with whom I’ve partnered for this post, is a great option, and is a juice I’ve been drinking regularly since my youngest days in Sweden. Their new Whole Fruit juice is filling (the texture is velvety and rich), and it delivers an even greater knockout punch of nutritional value. Click MORE to see why I grab this on a busy morning, as well as my 5 key tips to help you live your best morning!



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Life is stressful but I’ve long believed it’s possible to steal back a little bit of balanced calm, and often at some of the most unexpected times throughout the day. There are several ways to give oneself a physical and mental healthy nudge to keep going… one of my favorites is meditation. Everyone’s daily pressures differ, and mine come in the form of juggling personal training clients, meetings pertaining to this blog, and a few other projects I have on the go. For me, seeking a moment of tranquility to escape the relentless chaos is best served through a moment of meditation on the go; I even practice on the tube between stations, because there’s no bad place for it. Read the full post to see some of my top reasons for taking some time to include this discipline in your day too.



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Summer vanished some time ago, and even Autumn has nearly given up the ghost (small post-Halloween gag?). The clocks have gone back, which means that the impending wintery weather will be waging an assault on your immune system, if it hasn’t already! This post is about a quick little cold-pressed juice recipe which acts as a much-needed and intense immune boost! It’s an all-organic vitamin bomb that’s bursting with flavour – a combo of sweet, fresh and tangy – but also packs a serious health punch, right at the time of year you’ll need it most! Click MORE to get the ingredients list and more…



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Around this sunny time of year when the flowers bloom and the air is fragranced with honeyed pollen, I always want to detox and clear my system. I’m a firm believer in eating the highest-quality organic produce available, and am convinced that how you treat your body will show from the inside out. The condition of your skin depends on a number of factors; age, genetics, levels of UV exposure, amount of alcohol consumed, nicotine, diet, hydration, general health, environment etc. However, I think that the skin is a great indicator into your overall health; throughout my teens I struggled with my skin – like many teenagers, I’d get breakouts of acne which really got me down, and I still get the odd spots here and there. The interesting pattern I’ve noticed is that they tend to appear when I’m stressed, or when I’ve eaten a surplus of sugar (natural or otherwise), so I think it’s very much a hormonal consequence of those triggers. Through my struggles with my skin, I found early on how I could help to improve it through diet and behaviours that help my complexion. Click MORE to get the full insights into the 10 factors I consider critical to maintain healthy skin



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I just bought myself a cold-press juicer, which I’ve been meaning to get for ages, but have finally pulled the trigger! Around London, there are countless juice bars that have sprung up from nowhere, all boasting clean branding, wafer-thin fonts, green cloudy bottles and eye-watering prices. I’m all for the juice craze, but as with anything, I think it’s worth finding out what your juice is actually made of – my juicer gives me that control! This post contains one of my all-time favourite juice recipes (The Holy Kale), a few pointers on how to approach juicing, and some images we shot with Urban Outfitters whilst wandering the juicing epicentre – Marylebone! Click MORE to see it all… (more…)


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After last weekend’s “warm-wave” in London, our tame version of what everyone else calls summer is here, and what better way to enjoy the occasional sunshine than with a crisp, fresh and yummy juice?! This short post highlights one of my favourite juice recipes, the ‘Summer Crunch’ using spinach, raspberries, blueberries, cucumber and lime. A delicious and nutritious hit that’s quick and easy to throw together! Read it HERE(more…)


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I was recently invited to juice master Jason Vale‘s film premiere in Leicester Square, where I got the opportunity to sample his latest creation, Super Juice Me… In the docu-film, 8 chronically ill individuals go to live in a Portuguese retreat and subsist on Jason’s juice concoctions; through juicing, they try to tackle their ailments and improve their quality of life. It’s a fascinating film, and was very much an inspiring day, which got me fired up to make two of his quite delicious recipes – ‘The Berry Crunch’ (sumptuously sweet and perfect for someone with a little bit of a sweet tooth, like me perhaps) and ‘The Natural Energiser’ (a refreshingly zesty power-elixir to wake you up with a bolt!). Click MORE for the recipes…



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I’ve now completed my very first ‘5 day juice detox’ as part of the World’s Biggest Juice Detox event, and as you can see from the above pictures, they looked and tasted gorgeous! As I mentioned in my post last week when I set out on this venture, my ethos is to favour the long-term, sustainable and healthy lifestyle choice of eating clean for most of the time, aside from the occasional treat. ‘Diet’ is not a word I typically associate with nor do I cut out entire food groups; the last 5 days, in my book, have been extreme, but in the name of investigation I have guineapigged myself, as detoxing is such a controversial topic that evokes equal passion from its devotees and critics alike. Views vary from beneficial and essential, to dangerous and pointless…. Below are my 10 observations from the week, along with the thoughts of a qualified doctor and nutritionist. Enjoy! Faya x (more…)


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ETHOS: To tackle this at the outset, I don’t associate with the word ‘diet’ because of all the unrealistic and futile notions it conjures up. Regular readers of Fitness On Toast will know that I favour the long-term, sustainable and healthy lifestyle choice of eating clean for most of the time, and indulging in the odd treat on occasion. But between today, 13th January, and Friday 17th, I’ve been asked by Philips to take part in “The World’s Biggest Juice Detox”, which will involve me giving up on solids!

SCANDAL WAIVER: I’m not undertaking this ‘detox diet’ because I want to “lose 5lb in 5 days” as the literature implores. Neither am I looking to enter the controversy around whether it’s healthy to sustain the body on what is essentially just nutrient-infused fructose (fruit sugar). I recognise there are benefits and disbenefits, but that’s not what I’m after here. I am undertaking this in the spirit of discovery, to find out whether I feel a perceptible difference in myself by consuming only assorted blends of juices 6x a day. It’s an experiment that might very well  (more…)



It’s snowing in London to round off the week, & I thought that being a Swede / Viking / Thor, I’d be used to this kind of weather by now, but no, BRRRRRR! If you’re feeling a little under-the-weather but still want to keep up your energy to train, this recipe may come in handy. It’s my ‘Vegetable Recovery Juice’, and it’s immune boosting, packed with vitamins, minerals & antioxidants, low calorie, rich in dietary fibre, and could be just what you need to get the weekend started. It is also be the perfect hangover cure to end the weekend. Either way, have it this weekend!

Grab these gorgeous veggies next time you’re passing a shop (Braeburn apples, Jaffa oranges, carrots and parsley – all organic). Wash, peel, chop, and then blend with water until it’s smoothie-texture. It takes max 10 mins to make, and you can store any extra in the fridge for tomorrow! It’s thick and very filling. The juice is packed with iron (for blood oxygenation and strength), vitamin C (neutralises harmful free radicals, boosts immune system), vitamin A (for healthy sight) and folic acid (anti-carcinogenic, immune-boosting & anti-inflammatory properties).

Some  extra benefits ? READ MORE