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One of the greatest privileges to come from writing this blog is the epic 1-on-1 exposure to world-class professionals operating in the health & wellness arena. From Elle Macpherson to Steffi Graf, I’ve recorded my Interviews on a special section of, and today I’m thrilled to reveal another fascinating insight into the life of a top-level British athlete, Katarina Johnson-Thompson, of heptathlon fame! Katarina hosted a class with my friends at BRITA which amongst other things, touched on the importance of optimal hydration – a topic I’ve written about several times on this blog; with a gruelling 7 components to master for her athletic discipline, I wanted to understand how she approaches this incredibly broad ask, and how she tailors her lifestyle to the task! She took attendees through a seriously demanding Switch7 workout for an hour, building on Hydration, Speed, Power, Strength, Agility, Stamina and Recovery. Click MORE to read our full interview…



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There are some sports figures who transcend the era in which they played; they’re few and far between, but they’re immortals, the ultimate hall of famers, era-defining legends, and their very names are synonymous with the sport itself. Bjorn Borg was such a character in my home country (and beyond), but on a scale almost unimaginable for two decades, it was Steffi Graf for the female game. During my Olympics trip to Brazil with adidas, I had the epic opportunity to meet, interview AND play with Steffi, who is herself a representative for the brand. It was remarkable for so many reasons! Click MORE to see and read about how we got on 🙂 (more…)


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Recently, I joined my friends at Adidas to witness a unique partnering at the United Nations HQ in New York. Parley For The Oceans, an organisation dedicated to the preservation of our beautiful oceans, hosted a moving and informative session in the UN’s main chamber, at which Adidas board-member Eric Liedtke revealed a beautiful and groundbreaking running shoe created from discarded ocean plastic (of which there’s 40m lbs in the North Pacific alone!). It’s a totally unique production concept, and much of the profit will go towards funding the ocean cleanup yet further. I caught up with Eric afterwards to dig a little deeper into the shoe, along with finding out how one of my favourite sporting companies is evolving into an exciting future! Click MORE to read my update interview… (more…)


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This post features a training session & an interview with the super-charismatic top Model, Max Rendell, revealing how he wholly pursues a fit and healthy lifestyle amidst the chaotic travel demands placed upon a world-class beautiful person! His schedule is relentless, but his discipline around wellness comfortably matches it. What amazes me most is that whilst Max is in his early twenties, his knowledge and understanding of all things ‘healthy’ is incredibly advanced; it’s almost unthinkable that 20 years ago, young adults would have professed such an ethos – I think that’s a super-positive result of ‘health & fitness trends‘ meeting ‘the internet‘, and helping us all to school-up before we tone-up! Click MORE to see pics from our session, and to get the ‘Model Tips & Tricks’ from our interview!



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I was recently interviewed by the fabulous London lifestyle magazine, Indigo Memoirs about a wide range of fitness-related matters, from my key workouts to my favourite gyms in and around London. It’s a focussed little interview, but I thought it might be a bit of help for anyone feeling overwhelmed by the sprawling choice of fitness systems, and for Londoners who may be looking for new and exciting fitness spots in London! (Fear not, non-Londoners, more Italian tales coming soon…). Click MORE to get my top insights into London’s fitness landscape 🙂 Faya x




Last week, I was offered the opportunity to interview Elle Macpherson for 10 minutes, to coincide with the launch of her new wellness supplement called the Super Elixir at Selfridges – needless to say, I happily accepted that opportunity! Now you see, 10 minutes isn’t much time for little old me, but is a pretty big deal for an epic global supermodel who’s career is into its 4th decade! I had to make the most of my mini-window into Elle’s world, so I crafted a barrage of quick-fire questions (and a couple of longer ones towards the end) to try and gain a bit of an insight into how this glamorous, statuesque and effortlessly elegant woman keeps herself looking 30, even though she’s actually 50 (!). Read Elle’s answers BELOW, and see our Google Hangout from later in the day ( I’m on at 4:20 in case you get impatient 😀 ) compèred by the fabulous Calgary Avansino(more…)


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As part of my prize for winning the Sweaty Betty blogger styling event for their SS14 collection (you might remember it from my previous post HERE), I had the opportunity to interview their design team (Lisa, Laura and Julia) over at SB HQ in Fulham. The picture above is me in full-on ‘interview mode’. Organised over 3 floors, with a yoga studio, a shop, full corporate infrastructure and a strict ban on using the lift, the headquarters reminded me of a mini-Asos office; buzzing, creative, young and very cool! There are fabric libraries, mood walls, rows of iMacs, hair straightener zones, and a growing collection of award plaques…

Below you’ll find the transcript from my interview. There are some fun pictures to go along with it, which give you a flavour of how their ground floor studio-space looks, but this post is really meant for the keen fitness fashion enthusiast. It provides a rare insight into how the people that create our ‘sports looks’ think about the design process. A huge logistical and creative effort gets underway every single season, and as western consumers, we tend to take that ‘in-store-availability’ and ‘newness’ totally for granted; we’re totally oblivious to what’s going on behind the scenes, to get the product onto our shelves. The Sweaty Betty team are developing a world-class approach to the process, and I found it a fascinating experience to get a glimpse of the construction. I hope you enjoy reading it (or maybe just browsing a few of the shots) 🙂 Faya x

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