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Despite its unstoppable rise to world domination, I remain a massive fan of quinoa and have featured it multiple times on Fitness On Toast – My recent ‘Quinoa Granola‘, this ‘Festive Grilled Salmon & Quinoa‘ dish,  and this ‘Quinoa Bean Salad‘ to name just a few. It’s a powerhouse seed which provides all 9 essential amino acids (a complete protein – great for veggies), plus it’s cholesterol-free, very low in sodium, and it’s almost always organic! Chia seeds (another ‘limelight’ superfood) grow to 9x their original size upon encountering water water which helps you to feel fuller for longer and keeping you hydrated too, plus they’re antioxidant rich, are high in protein, and a densely packed source of Omega 3. Blend it all together in a breakfast bowl with some coconut milk, yoghurt, grated apple, vanilla etc… click MORE to get the full recipe!



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Like most people, I’m constantly trying to master my sweet tooth; in tireless pursuit of healthy-yet-tasty dishes, here’s a fabulous breakfast offering, loaded with nourishing nutritional value and exquisite taste to satisfy the sugar craving! Granola from supermarket shelf tends to be full of simple sugars and transfats, but my home-made version is altogether more friendly! Quinoa, about which I’ve written previously, replaces oats in this batch, and a host of cinnamon-covered nuts-&-seeds make an appearance too, garnished with delicious berries! My personal view is that there’s no substitute for actual, genuine sugars, so I’ve lightly glazed the granola with Raw Manuka Honey (courtesy of Steens, with whom I’ve collaborated to whip up a number of delicious, healthy recipes). I’ve long believed Manuka to be a fabulous natural alternative to refined sugar, and has that beautifully rich floral aroma. The whole recipe is super easy to make, and is great for kids and adults alike! Click MORE to get the ‘why’ and ‘how to’, along with the health benefits of Manuka.


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If you’ve been keeping up with my recipes over the past few months, you’ll know I’m slightly in love with avocado – be it avocado veloute, guacamole or avocado chocolate mousse to mention but a few. My recipes aim to be quick easy, delicious and nutritious. This little one is no exception. One might even say it’s barely even a recipe because it involves so little ‘production time’ – it’s rare that the ‘eating’ stage takes multiple times longer than the ‘preparation’ stage! Breakfast, I would argue, is the most important meal of the day; start it right an you underpin the everything else you’re yet to achieve… this little recipe helps you stave off Brekkie Fatigue (whereby you have the same eggs on toast every day!). My Baked Avocado, stuffed with Salmon & Egg holds the answer… (more…)


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Around this sunny time of year when the flowers bloom and the air is fragranced with honeyed pollen, I always want to detox and clear my system. I’m a firm believer in eating the highest-quality organic produce available, and am convinced that how you treat your body will show from the inside out. The condition of your skin depends on a number of factors; age, genetics, levels of UV exposure, amount of alcohol consumed, nicotine, diet, hydration, general health, environment etc. However, I think that the skin is a great indicator into your overall health; throughout my teens I struggled with my skin – like many teenagers, I’d get breakouts of acne which really got me down, and I still get the odd spots here and there. The interesting pattern I’ve noticed is that they tend to appear when I’m stressed, or when I’ve eaten a surplus of sugar (natural or otherwise), so I think it’s very much a hormonal consequence of those triggers. Through my struggles with my skin, I found early on how I could help to improve it through diet and behaviours that help my complexion. Click MORE to get the full insights into the 10 factors I consider critical to maintain healthy skin



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To celebrate the millennium of Borough Market, one of London’s most treasured culinary gems, I paid it a visit yesterday afternoon, and rustled up some of the finest local ingredients for a healthy, British-inspired dessert! And since today’s Apple Day (they’re displaying 1000 apple varieties for the 1000th birthday), I put something ‘themed’ together from my haul! As ever, you end up buying twice what you intended, and some things you didn’t intend, too. But apart from the electric buzz of the atmosphere, there’s a super-strong focus on quality and freshness at the market, which fits perfectly with my entire healthy ethos; this post details my healthy ‘Baked Apple and Spiced Nuts’ recipe, along with giving you a feel for the vibrance and treasures of the market. For any non-Londoners reading this, a saturday afternoon is a wonderful time to pay it a visit when you’re in town 😀 Read MORE…

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I’m so excited to have been featured in the latest edition of Grazia Magazine published today (and on the homepage of their online site HERE). With a focus on Instagram as their source of ‘fitspiration’ (I’m @fitnessontoast), they’ve listed me as one of their four most motivational fitness blogs! All I can say is ‘Grazia mille‘ guys, feeling very flattered 😀 My [belated] resolution to you, dear readers, is for plenty of delicious recipes, challenging workouts and chic looks to come in 2014. Stay tuned… Faya x

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