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As a study in ‘fitness innovation’, I went to “the UK’s number one fitness, sport and nutrition exhibition”, Body Power Expo, at the Birmingham NEC. The place was vast, welcoming about 40,000 visitors a day; but when I was there it seemed they all came at once – it was absolutely rammed! Cue wall-to-wall stalls promoting old and new fitness products alike, supplements, training equipment, clothing and needless gadgets. Most of the people working there were half naked, oiled up and looked like they’d just come back from a 6month holiday in the Sahara. A few familiar faces were seen as well including WBFF Pro Fitness Model Shaun Stafford (pictured to my right, above), British Grand Prix Open Champion Shawn Rhoden, Mr Olympia James ‘Flex’ Lewis, and Ronnie Coleman. I went a bit shop-crazy and here are some of the inspiring goodies I brought back home, which are helping to flavour my fitness ethos at the moment!

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