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If you’ve wandered along your supermarket’s ‘Tea aisle’ over the past 3 years, you’ll have noticed a massive multiplication in the breadth and depth of choice in ‘herbal’ options. I love the concept of spicing up hydration, but where there was once just ‘mint’, there are now 20 varieties of mint and dozens of brands. If you search ‘Tea’ on, it retrieves 879 products (!!!). As a consumer that’s pretty overwhelming, and the flavour innovations can be incomprehensible;’Maharaja Chai Oolong, Rooibos and Acai‘ could taste of absolutely anything – perhaps chicken, for all I know!?! One brand that cuts through the lingo and has always offered me straightforward names, with ingredients of which I can taste the freshness & quality, is Pukka. This herbal tea brand was started a full 12 years ago, long before the ‘tea revolution’ began, so I tracked down one of the co-founders, Sebastian Pole, and blasted a few questions his way about what they do, and why they do it… read MORE to find out what he said 😀 x



Having a nice Peppermint tea before bedtime; apart from finding it very relaxing, it’s clinically proven to have a sedative effect, which helps send you off to the land of nod peacefully! Extra-perfect this time of the year, as it can strengthen your immune defenses against cold and flu (the mint leaves contain potassium, calcium and vitamin B) whilst the restorative sleep adds another barrier.

One further benefit is that it simulates the sensation of being full (I’m looking at you, late night snacker!!) when it’s basically just 100% water (hydrating, good for skin, good for blood pressure etc.) and best of all, contains a waistline-busting 0 calories, with no fat, carbs or salt! Did I mention it’s naturally caffeine-free, great for stomach pain and aids digestion? Try adding a sprinkle of cinnamon or perhaps some fresh ginger to the mix, for additional taste and digestive benefits! Mint Tea; not superfood, superdrink!

Good night! Faya x