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Stockholm Fitness On Toast Faya

OK I’m Swedish! There, I’ve said it. Well, now you know my secret, I might as well let you in on some more; our capital city Stockholm boasts some totally outrageous places to eat, ranging from those with the Michelin ‘nod’, to cozy cafés and hipster juice bars. Swedes fiercely pride themselves on a little tradition called ‘fika’ which conventionally involves comfy sofas, a chinwag, and indulgent cakes & coffee. But there’s a tension in the air; ours is a nation of militant cake snobs, but we have also jumped firmly on the ‘health bandwagon’; a combo that doesn’t naturally coexist! Luckily dear reader, is here to help curate your next break in this most exceptional of cities! Click MORE to see my top 8 favourite healthy restaurants & cafes in Stockholm right now…



Fitness On Toast Faya Blog Girl Healthy Skin Imedeen Pure Collagen Derma One Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat Four Seasons France Travel-10It’s my firm belief that the best way to nourish the skin is from the inside out – through exercise, keeping hydrated, enjoying a good amount of sleep and eating plenty of organic and fresh produce in a well-balanced diet. You might remember I recently listed some of my favourite tips to get glowing skin HERE. I know myself that when I’ve been out partying for a few days, (a little alcohol, some late nights, limited sleep, perhaps too many sugary foods etc), I’ll be feeling and looking tired with circles under my eyes and the occasional break out! This post is the second and concluding part to my efforts to eat & live healthily, supported by the Scandinavian skincare company Imedeen, in order to improve the quality of my skin. Click MORE to see some of the data from my scans, and these photos we took at the stunning Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat in France during a recent trip… (more…)


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This post rounds up what I think are the “6 key health benefits of walking”. Boring? No, actually quite topical; I’ve received a few emails asking what to do if you a) hardly have any time to workout and b) haven’t trained for a very long time (or in fact, ever). For this scenario, I think it’s wise to ease in gently; ‘going for a walk’ might not feel like a workout per se, but if you do it regularly and properly, it comes with several wondrous health benefits, which I discuss later. Above all, you don’t need membership, and it can be squeezed in whenever there’s a bit of extra time; walking to or from work; on lunch breaks; on holiday as an eager tourist etc!

Depending on your current fitness level, a brisk strut may very well get you sweating and raise the heart rate too. As you progress you can increase the distance and/or speed, switch between high and moderate intensity, decrease the ‘recovery periods’, and find hills/steps to climb. If you’re unsure how many steps you take in a day how about trying out a pedometer; Britain’s NHS suggests we should aim to take >10,000 steps a day to see health benefits, which sounds VAST, but our lazy-day average is supposedly c. 4,000, so it’s definitely achievable! Here are my top 6 health benefits you’ll enjoy by going for a little walk:

Fitness On Toast Faya Blog Benefits Of Walking Healthy Walk Grand Hotel Du Cap Ferrat Cote D'Azur Azur South Of France Exercise Calorie Burn Girl Fashion COMPILATION