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Fitness On Toast Faya Girl Blog Training Exercise Workout Nutrition Healthy Health Recipe Diet Cheat Treat Chocolate Banana Coconut Dessert Bites Nutritious Tasty Low CalorieThe realities of winter (and shockingly, Christmas) are already upon us, and the lead up to year-end can be a dangerous time; daily festive parties laden with temptation, overflowing with delicious drinks, delectable mince pies, all sorts of irresistible treats… it’s admittedly hard to stay on the straight and narrow. Regular readers of FitnessOnToast will know that I, like most normal red-blooded humans, have a proper sweet tooth – and therefore in an attempt to keep the cravings at bay (for me and hopefully you too), here’s a quick, easy and healthy and nutritious dessert treat; my ‘Banana & Dark Chocolate Snowy Bites’! For some of you, you’ll be happy to hear this also works really well with protein powder.  (more…)


Fitness On Toast Faya Blog Girl Healthy Nutrition Food Salad Superfood Bean Plant Protein Rich Pulses Diet Fuel Tasty Cooking Olive Oil Kale Spinach Nuts

Right now, superfoods seem to be more ‘in vogue’ than Anna Wintour (not sure that’s technically correct, but you get the picture). To catch onto that theme, this post is about a salad I whipped up which packs plenty of the superfoods together, and is rich in essential fats, plant proteins, dietary fibre and scrumptious flavour. If Top Gear coined the term Hypercar to refer to an extremely exaggerated high-performing Supercar, then this dish is most definitely a Hyperfood salad. Read MORE to see why each one of the 10 fabulous ingredients will help nourish your body…



Fitness On Toast Faya Blog Girl Recipe Nutrition Healthy Health Diet Nutritious Tasty Clean Eating Meal Chile Con Carne Quorn Sweet Potato Light Lighter lower calorie fat natural organic training workout meals high protein complex carb

Last week I hosted a gritty and gruelling training session for my friends at Under Armour HQ to help launch their new A/W collection; ‘mission accomplished’ called for some celebrations! Now, since I hadn’t had the chance to eat my regular meals all day, and since I found myself next to a table that was generously overflowing with irresistible crisps, chips and dips, I sampled some (for essential electrolyte replenishment only, you understand… ahem). What really fascinated me though, was that the very next day, I had an overwhelming craving for more of the same, right out of the blue! Which got me thinking about a healthy alternative that could tick that crucial ‘craving’ box! The solution? My ‘dipping Chilli con Quorn-e’ dish can be eaten totally remotely from any guilt or reservations – it’s super healthy, all natural, quick and easy and I think it’s pretty yummy too! This post is all about the how-to and why