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Like most people, I’m constantly trying to master my sweet tooth; in tireless pursuit of healthy-yet-tasty dishes, here’s a fabulous breakfast offering, loaded with nourishing nutritional value and exquisite taste to satisfy the sugar craving! Granola from supermarket shelf tends to be full of simple sugars and transfats, but my home-made version is altogether more friendly! Quinoa, about which I’ve written previously, replaces oats in this batch, and a host of cinnamon-covered nuts-&-seeds make an appearance too, garnished with delicious berries! My personal view is that there’s no substitute for actual, genuine sugars, so I’ve lightly glazed the granola with Raw Manuka Honey (courtesy of Steens, with whom I’ve collaborated to whip up a number of delicious, healthy recipes). I’ve long believed Manuka to be a fabulous natural alternative to refined sugar, and has that beautifully rich floral aroma. The whole recipe is super easy to make, and is great for kids and adults alike! Click MORE to get the ‘why’ and ‘how to’, along with the health benefits of Manuka.


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Recently, I joined my friends at Adidas to witness a unique partnering at the United Nations HQ in New York. Parley For The Oceans, an organisation dedicated to the preservation of our beautiful oceans, hosted a moving and informative session in the UN’s main chamber, at which Adidas board-member Eric Liedtke revealed a beautiful and groundbreaking running shoe created from discarded ocean plastic (of which there’s 40m lbs in the North Pacific alone!). It’s a totally unique production concept, and much of the profit will go towards funding the ocean cleanup yet further. I caught up with Eric afterwards to dig a little deeper into the shoe, along with finding out how one of my favourite sporting companies is evolving into an exciting future! Click MORE to read my update interview… (more…)


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Summer temperatures are upon us, and that brings with it the need for refreshment… these might well be the best ice lollies I’ve ever had! A bold claim, but to my defence, the ingredients are a collection of favourites; fresh fruits and berries – bursting with vitamins and minerals, plus they’re naturally sweet and delicious! The advantage over shop-bought products is that you KNOW they contain no preservatives, colourings, flavour enhancing chemicals or artificial bits – plus they’re totally fresh! These ice lollies are all-natural, super quick-and-easy to make, and are perfect for children and adults alike on a hot summers day! Click MORE to get the recipe, and for the chance to WIN YOUR OWN VITAMIX, the ultra high-performance blender, which I’m giving away to one lucky reader 🙂 … (more…)



Monday the 15th June marks World Meat Free Day which encourages people around the world to go meat-free for just one day. To my mind, it’s about recognising the importance of protein in our diets, and perhaps seeking out other ways in which to source your protein. As part of my Ambassadorship for Quorn, I created this cute little ‘Quorn Boats’ dish, which seemed totally appropriate for the occasion. As always with my recipes, it’s supposed to be quick, easy and healthy. Quorn is an excellent source of protein and this is a great little meal to consume post-workout to help repair muscles, or indeed to entertain friends with on the canapé platter! It’ll keep you fuller for longer and hopefully keep you from snacking too often. Click MORE to see the recipe and read more background…



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Recently, I attended an invigorating sunrise yoga session hosted by Uniqlo at Soho House to launch their new Airism Active range. Madeline Shaw, the nutrition author & now qualified yoga teacher, led a cosy class through a refreshing and energizing morning yoga routine. High atop the venue’s roof, we experienced a blushing London sunrise whilst contorting into varying poses. I was generously given a Uniqlo Airism Active outfit for the occasion, and having road-tested it during both the yoga session and also on my recent active escape to Eze Village, France, I found it to be feather-weight, super-comfy, flattering in form, not remotely constricting where it matters, and well suited to the thermal and elastic pressures of a yoga session, or a jog alike! I also had the opportunity to conduct a mini quick-fire interview Madeleine about her healthy ethos too! Click MORE for all the rest(more…)


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I recently spent some wonderfully peaceful days at the beautiful Chateau de la Chèvre D’Or (full ‘active escape’ review forthcoming) in Eze, France, where I enjoyed some exquisite and healthy mediterranean cuisine, and have returned freshly inspired! Apart from seafood, the locally-grown organic vegetables are a recurrent feature in the region’s cuisine, often prepared via steaming. Whilst I may not be able to replicate the beauty of the piece we photographed above (I’m not Michelin-starred!), I believe it IS possible to simulate that same mix of flavours and textures at home! Click more to see this mediterranean-inspired vegetable recipe, focussing on the benefits of steaming, and which is a fantastic pre-workout dish to help fuel your session! (MORE) (more…)


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I absolutely adore travelling (as you might have guessed from this blog’s bursting ‘Travels’ section!), especially as we edge ever-closer to the Summer Holiday season! In chasing this semi-nomadic dream of travel, I’ve picked up a few tips-and-tricks around how to stay healthy when travelling, and thought I’d share them with you here alongside some of my travel essentials which will be accompanying me on my journeys during Summer 2015! Click MORE to see it all… (more…)


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If you’ve been keeping up with my recipes over the past few months, you’ll know I’m slightly in love with avocado – be it avocado veloute, guacamole or avocado chocolate mousse to mention but a few. My recipes aim to be quick easy, delicious and nutritious. This little one is no exception. One might even say it’s barely even a recipe because it involves so little ‘production time’ – it’s rare that the ‘eating’ stage takes multiple times longer than the ‘preparation’ stage! Breakfast, I would argue, is the most important meal of the day; start it right an you underpin the everything else you’re yet to achieve… this little recipe helps you stave off Brekkie Fatigue (whereby you have the same eggs on toast every day!). My Baked Avocado, stuffed with Salmon & Egg holds the answer… (more…)


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You might have noticed from my Snapchat & Instagram that I recently passed a seriously healthy week visiting one of my all-time favourite islands, Ibiza. I’ve been visiting the island for many years, yet every time I go back I’m still blown away by its beauty afresh, and I’m constantly discovering new hidden coves and exciting secret beaches! So when the team from Balearic Bootcamp invited me to experience their week-long fitness retreat on the island, combining two of my loves, wellbeing & Ibiza, it wasn’t a difficult decision… Read MORE to find out exactly what the experience involved, and how it left me feeling…



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I have a relentless sweet tooth and whilst I try to tame it, nothing ever tastes quite as good as a chocolate dessert! So here’s my version of healthy (in moderation) chocolate mousse! The base is made using avocado which packed with healthy fats and a good amount of dietary fiber too (27g per 100g). The avocado contains a the good monounsaturated fat which will help the body in growth, repair, and development of tissue, including muscle cells. It’s a great alternative to heavy creams which are made of the wrong kind of fat. The end product I assure you tastes just like the real deal! Click MORE to find the rest of the ingredients and ‘how to’…