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Fitness On Toast Faya Blog Girl Downloadable Guide New Year Fitness Resolution Health Guide Book eBook PDF Nutrition Exercise FitI reject the idea that with the advent of January, we need to reinvent ourselves to pursue a monk-like existence of restraint. It’s totally unrealistic, unsustainable, not very much fun, and all a bit of a tired 90s cliché! Sure we might have predictably lost track a bit in December – not a crime, just human – but we can get right back on course without going to extremes. To me, there’s so much more sense in pursuing a healthy, sustainable and enjoyable ethos for as much of the year as possible – and that includes treating yourself. This is the entire ethos of my blog, and I’m finally putting it into a guide so that you can benefit from the discoveries it’s taken me years to make.

I’ve spent about 12 months putting this guide together with Dr Michelle Storfer, one of London’s leading Nutritionists who shares my ethos. Health & fitness is a choice that’s open to everyone, all the time. Even if you just dip in a little more than you used to, that’s progress too! Click HERE (or on the picture above) to download the guide & start your year as you mean to go on! Good luck 😀 x


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The eagle-eyed reader may have noticed a little dusting of LUCAS HUGH appearing on FitnessOnToast recently… For those who’ve not encountered the brand, I tend to think of it as the original luxury athletic-wear maison, founded way back in 2010 by creative director Anjhe Mules. She had the visionary aspiration of fusing hyper-technical fabrics with fashion-forward designs, and packaging it all up with expert ‘luxe’ execution. 4 years on, this concept no longer seems revolutionary to us, and is emulated by so many, but this trailblazer must be recognised! I adore the sleekness of the lines, the politely daring aesthetic, the functionality of the fabrics (both from the visually ‘shaping’ function and the ‘technical’ properties), the snug feel of the fit, and even the sophisticated majesty of that iconic logo. I took a LUCAS HUGH ‘look’ to the gardens of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo in Lake Como for this photoshoot; click MORE to see the results & to read my interview with Anjhe!

Fitness On Toast Faya Blog Lucas Hugh Clothes Workout Fashion OOTD Tremezzo Italy Luxury Travel Hotel Grand Lake Como COMPILATION (more…)