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Sitting at the desk for hour after hour, day after day, month after month, year after year (etc) means the glutes become lazy and that laziness compounds up! The body adapts to become far less dependent on the musculature and joints found within the lower body, which ultimately leads to muscle atrophy (weakening of muscles) and lengthened, inhibited glutes. This post is about how to re-activate the hibernating derrière with a simple but effective routine, shot at the gorgeous gym in Coworth Park... (more…)


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One of the parts I’ve most enjoyed sharing on FitnessOnToast are the active escapes. Often though, to see the places in my posts requires a cheeky flight; but for my British readers today, good news! Just 30 minutes south-west of London, lies the gorgeous country estate of Coworth Park – the scene of an exquisite healthy weekend escape. I’ve already written about ‘The Benefits of Horse Riding‘ in my previous post, so you’ve seen a glimpse of the healthy activities on offer here, but there’s so much more to do! This post collects up some of my favourite moments from the escape, and gives a little peak into the Coworth world! (more…)