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Today, I’m super excited to announce a collaboration with Quorn, who have asked me to create a series of tasty recipes on my blog using their products! Being a Pescetarian myself (that’s fish, but no meat) I’ve previously cooked with their meat free mince in my recipes (most recently HERE), as I’ve always liked it as a high-protein, low-saturated-fat source of nutrition – something I personally consider a key pillar of any healthy diet. Their products make up a regular component of my weekly shop, so I was only too happy to work with them on this project! Quorn are sponsoring me to produce these dishes with their products, and I’ve decided to accept the challenge, starting with this healthy ‘Quorn Chicken Korma’ which is super quick and easy to prepare, and which tastes utterly delicious (if I do say so myself)! Click continue reading to get the ‘why’ & ‘how-to’…  (more…)


Fitness On Toast Faya Blog Girl Recipe Nutrition Healthy Health Diet Nutritious Tasty Clean Eating Meal Chile Con Carne Quorn Sweet Potato Light Lighter lower calorie fat natural organic training workout meals high protein complex carb

Last week I hosted a gritty and gruelling training session for my friends at Under Armour HQ to help launch their new A/W collection; ‘mission accomplished’ called for some celebrations! Now, since I hadn’t had the chance to eat my regular meals all day, and since I found myself next to a table that was generously overflowing with irresistible crisps, chips and dips, I sampled some (for essential electrolyte replenishment only, you understand… ahem). What really fascinated me though, was that the very next day, I had an overwhelming craving for more of the same, right out of the blue! Which got me thinking about a healthy alternative that could tick that crucial ‘craving’ box! The solution? My ‘dipping Chilli con Quorn-e’ dish can be eaten totally remotely from any guilt or reservations – it’s super healthy, all natural, quick and easy and I think it’s pretty yummy too! This post is all about the how-to and why