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This month, I’ve teamed up with Hovis to celebrate today’s launch of their innovative new Hovis® Seed Sensations® Chia Bread, which is itself a partnership with The Chia Co, the world’s largest producer of sustainably farmed Chia seed. To mark the occasion, I thought I’d create a piece of Scandinavian food art! The Swedish sandwich cake, or ‘Smörgåstårta’ as we unpronounceably call it, is one of the most traditional national dishes I can think of, which captures my heritage and at the same time honours the great British love of sandwiches! With culinary roots dating back hundreds of years, it’s a real statement piece, something to exhibit (and then eat) when guests come round – you can really let your creativity go wild! Traditionally it’s made up of an array of wonderful fresh fish (which I love) and is smothered in mayonnaise (not my preference!). My alternative recipe here uses yoghurt and just a smidgeon of Organic Mayonnaise, which may sound bland but actually tastes superb! It also incorporates layers of the Chia Loaf as building blocks for the towering sandwich cake, as I am a bread fiend and actively embrace carbohydrates as part of my balanced macro approach to wellbeing! Click MORE to see the full recipe, along with a little video! (more…)


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Despite its unstoppable rise to world domination, I remain a massive fan of quinoa and have featured it multiple times on Fitness On Toast – My recent ‘Quinoa Granola‘, this ‘Festive Grilled Salmon & Quinoa‘ dish,  and this ‘Quinoa Bean Salad‘ to name just a few. It’s a powerhouse seed which provides all 9 essential amino acids (a complete protein – great for veggies), plus it’s cholesterol-free, very low in sodium, and it’s almost always organic! Chia seeds (another ‘limelight’ superfood) grow to 9x their original size upon encountering water water which helps you to feel fuller for longer and keeping you hydrated too, plus they’re antioxidant rich, are high in protein, and a densely packed source of Omega 3. Blend it all together in a breakfast bowl with some coconut milk, yoghurt, grated apple, vanilla etc… click MORE to get the full recipe!



Fitness On Toast Faya Blog Girl Healthy Breakfast Nutrition Recipe Fashion OOTD Chia Seed Protein Cinnamon Sundae Food Diet MakeThis post details a quick, easy and healthy recipe suggestion for tomorrow’s breakfast. As part of the superfood elite, chia seeds slightly defy the laws of physics; whilst each seed is tiny, its superpowers are disproportionately sized, as if they’re some kind of ‘David & Goliath’ of the nutrition world! They expand by 900% in water so that you’re fuller for longer, they’re antioxidant rich, a great source of protein (c. 20g per 100g) and healthy fats (8x more than salmon!), plus they’re awesome for skin, hair and nails! Aside from having used them to create some mixologist-quality dessert flourishes, this recipe is a little more savoury breakfast take on it. It’s super easy to make, ultra-healthy and very filling! Click MORE for the recipe. (more…)


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This post details 3 of my favourite interpretations of the ever-elusive ‘healthy dessert’. Whilst chia seeds have been milling around since the days of the Aztec Empire some 450 years back, only recently have they emerged as a big piece of the ‘superfood’ jigsaw puzzle. They seem to wield diplomatic immunity over the health laws; they’re good for your heart, brain and body with seemingly no significant disbenefits. And whilst each seed is tiny, its superpowers are disproportionately sized, as if they’re some kind of ‘David & Goliath’ of the nutrition world. They boast the ability to… (more…)