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Fitness On Toast Faya Girl Blog Training Exercise Workout Nutrition Healthy Health Recipe Diet Cheat Treat Chocolate Banana Coconut Dessert Bites Nutritious Tasty Low CalorieThe realities of winter (and shockingly, Christmas) are already upon us, and the lead up to year-end can be a dangerous time; daily festive parties laden with temptation, overflowing with delicious drinks, delectable mince pies, all sorts of irresistible treats… it’s admittedly hard to stay on the straight and narrow. Regular readers of FitnessOnToast will know that I, like most normal red-blooded humans, have a proper sweet tooth – and therefore in an attempt to keep the cravings at bay (for me and hopefully you too), here’s a quick, easy and healthy and nutritious dessert treat; my ‘Banana & Dark Chocolate Snowy Bites’! For some of you, you’ll be happy to hear this also works really well with protein powder.  (more…)


Fitness On Toast Faya Blog Fashion Tea Berkeley Hotel Cheat Treat Normal AW 13 14 Pret A Portea Sandwiches Cakes Cupcake Macaroon Armani Saint Laurent Burberry COMPILATION-2“Dear Clean Diet; I’ve cheated on you, and I’m not in any way apologetic”. On Sunday, I was invited to a delicious ‘fashion-themed’ tea at London’s Berkeley Hotel, and I happily accepted, fully aware that it would contain very empty calories… But I have a theory that eating clean all of the time, forever, is actually quite boring, antisocial, and unrealistic – in short, cutting out fun is no way to live life! (more…)


Time for a guilty confession… I LOVE chocolate. I always have done, and always will do. I realise that chocolate doesn’t necessarily go hand-in-hand with your ‘fitness goals’, but I’ve been experimenting with simple but effective ways to legitimately work a modest amount of chocolate into my training diet. This post contains a real ‘cheat day’ treat which satisfies my cravings, whilst providing my body with the protein, essential fats and antioxidants that it needs. Guilt neutralised, body nourished!

Regardless, there are actually health benefits to be gained from eating high-quality, dark chocolate – as long as you don’t overdo it! Dark chocolate is high is antioxidants which work to reduce free radicals in our bodies and aid cellular repair. Dark cocoa, being densely calorific, is also said to improve energy levels without the need for sugar, and focus the concentration. I aim for a minimum of 70% cocoa, but if you can tolerate it 99% cocoa is optimal, as it has an incredibly low amount of milk, fat and sugar. Yes, at first the taste is bitter, and you might need to work your way up to the high 90s percentages, but give it some time and you’ll learn to love it’s super rich dimensions! In fact I now prefer dark to milk chocolate – and I never thought that would happen! Here’s my recipe for a slice of chocolate indulgence which is packed with protein and a lot healthier than your standard Mars bar.

The ‘treat du jour’ is my ‘Dark Chocolate, Banana & Seeds Protein Muffins‘. With the following ingredients, I made 9 yummy ‘fairy bun’ sized cakes but it completely depends on how big / small you go. Remember, this is not a low calorie miracle, so it needs to be a reward for a heavy training session, but it is rich in what the body needs to recover!

Read about the ingredients & my step-by-step ‘how-to’ guide, HERE!