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I recently went on an active trip to one of my all-time favourite islands, Ibiza (full ‘active escape’ review upcoming!). For decades, the island’s had a strong bohemian feel and it still breathes the same warmth and welcoming today! There’s so much more to discover than the commercial megaclubs; countless hidden beaches, organic farms, horse rides, hikes, tranquil spa hideaways, beautiful hotels, vistas of exceptional natural beauty and much more, which I’ll revisit soon!
Since part of my trip’s daily routine was yoga and mediation with the fabulous instructor Mel, I wanted to focus on Chakras, which in Yogic lore are the 7 core ‘junction boxes’, or centres of energy by which Cosmic energy is said to flow into our bodies. They run down the central pillar of the seated body, and the word itself means ‘Wheel’ in Sanskrit, as Chakras are thought to be spinning vortices of energy. In my photos, Mel shows me how to dispatch some of her favourite poses to help access some of the principal Chakras. I’m also wearing Daisy London’s gorgeous Chakra line of jewellery, inspired by ancient Buddhist symbols representing these 7 core Chakras, which felt appropriate! As you might have spotted on my Instagram, I’m thrilled to be contributing to Daisy’s four-part wellness guide; hop over to their page to find my mini wellness guide and win some jewellery in their competition(more…)