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One of the greatest privileges to come from writing this blog is the epic 1-on-1 exposure to world-class professionals operating in the health & wellness arena. From Elle Macpherson to Steffi Graf, I’ve recorded my Interviews on a special section of, and today I’m thrilled to reveal another fascinating insight into the life of a top-level British athlete, Katarina Johnson-Thompson, of heptathlon fame! Katarina hosted a class with my friends at BRITA which amongst other things, touched on the importance of optimal hydration – a topic I’ve written about several times on this blog; with a gruelling 7 components to master for her athletic discipline, I wanted to understand how she approaches this incredibly broad ask, and how she tailors her lifestyle to the task! She took attendees through a seriously demanding Switch7 workout for an hour, building on Hydration, Speed, Power, Strength, Agility, Stamina and Recovery. Click MORE to read our full interview…



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I recently spent some wonderfully peaceful days at the beautiful Chateau de la Chèvre D’Or (full ‘active escape’ review forthcoming) in Eze, France, where I enjoyed some exquisite and healthy mediterranean cuisine, and have returned freshly inspired! Apart from seafood, the locally-grown organic vegetables are a recurrent feature in the region’s cuisine, often prepared via steaming. Whilst I may not be able to replicate the beauty of the piece we photographed above (I’m not Michelin-starred!), I believe it IS possible to simulate that same mix of flavours and textures at home! Click more to see this mediterranean-inspired vegetable recipe, focussing on the benefits of steaming, and which is a fantastic pre-workout dish to help fuel your session! (MORE) (more…)


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On my recent active escape to Ibiza (full review coming up!), I embarked upon a breathtaking clifftop hike, blessed with some of the most spellbinding views the island has to offer. I made my way along the jagged sandstone peaks towards the famous landmarks, Es Vedrà and Atlantis. You may have read my previous post on the Benefits of Hiking, from my Morocco adventure last year; this Ibizan trek included all those same ‘workout’ benefits as in Morocco – a leg workout seriously targeting glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings and calves – PLUS the added work required to achieve stability, coordination, balance, core work and fun! It certainly toasts calories whilst you sweat in the sun and pick up some healthy colour! Staying hydrated in that draining scenario is critical, so I took my BRITA Fill & Go for a swig on the move! Read MORE for the details on my trek, & what I found along the way!



It’s possibly the one and only liquid that fills you up, beautifies, can prove unexpectedly satisfying, and boasts a guilt-free 0 calories. I’m talking about water, of course! It’s still cold in London, but spring is finally on it’s way. However, don’t  be fooled into thinking that just because you’re not sweating under the roasting summer sun that you won’t require as much water; chances are that you just can’t notice the perspiration as its evaporating rapidly, so you’ll still need to drink up! Regardless, the benefits of proper hydration, both for training and broader lifestyle, are almost endless! It’s one of the key messages I try to communicate to personal training clients when I first sit down with them to discuss the lifestyle component of their health & fitness regime. To tie in with the Better with BRITA campaign running at the moment, this post is a quick reminder of the 8 key reasons you might like to drink just a little more H20 🙂 (MORE)…

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This utterly delicious dish was inspired by my admittedly childish love of animation. If you haven’t seen it, Ratatouille is a laugh-out-loud Pixar movie which I think works just as well for adults as for children. Regardless of that side-track, whether you’re a cartoon fan or not, this dish is, as ever, healthy, super easy to prepare and packed with overwhelmingly gorgeous flavour. I teamed it with some fresh Haddock from the local fish mongers which I poached in a filtered water-bath. The main activity involved in crafting a Ratotouille masterpiece is a whole lot of chopping (great cardio), so sharpen your knives and lets go! (more…)