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Almost everyone loves Sweet Potato; it naturally sits one level higher than potato on the deliciousness continuum, precisely because of the inclusion of the word ‘sweet’. These tuberous wonders profess lower-GI properties, rendering them ‘complex carbs’, whos sugars break down over a longer period of time. These properties, in turn, are less likely to leave you a hyperactive sugar-high child for an hour, followed by transformation into crushed zombie at your sugar trough for the ensuing 4 hours. With that in mind, I thought I’d throw out the recipe for something quite delectable; these gluten free sweet potato chocolate brownies are provocatively moist, soft and gooey thanks to the inclusion of this masterful, hero ingredient, which keeps them molten and exquisite. You’ll find this recipe along with a bunch of other desserts, breakfasts, lunches dinners and snacks in my book Fit in 3, which contains a mammoth 60 recipes in total, all Scandi-inspired. Check out this recipe below… (more…)


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The eagle-eyed amongst you might have spied that I recently took over the @GarnierUK Instagram a couple of weeks ago as part of the fun of joining their team of super inspirational women! Apart from hosting some epic competitions, I was really keen for the takeover to showcase a few different practical tips to help you be the healthiest version of you and reset for springAs ever, I always try to emphasise small but lasting changes to help clients feel good about themselves, and discuss them all in a little more detail below with my top 12 tips! I’ve also put some thoughtful care into compiling my ‘Custom Recovery Bundles’ which included some awesome Garnier essentials for Hair, Skin, Body & Sun – the lucky winners are announced in the post! Click MORE to see it all 🙂 (more…)


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This post is about how to banish the infamous ‘bingo wings’, which secretly work to veil the triceps like a hood; those so-called ‘triceps’ are a large, three-headed group comprising a long, medial & lateral head, all positioned towards the back of the upper-arm. Whether in or out of the gym, we use them for every movement requiring a push, and indeed some that require pulls too. Weaker triceps could well limit the effectiveness of training shoulders, chest and back, and might also stop you from heroically saving the day if extreme arm strength is required in some sort of an emergency! When worked-out properly, you can actually sculpt these triceps so that they look just-so for an upcoming spring getaway occasion! Click MORE to see a full tricep-targeting routine shot wearing the latest collection of Forever 21 activewear … (more…)


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London gym memberships can be so lofty as to price many out of the market – but that doesn’t have to mean that fitness is unachievable! This post is intended to showcase my Top 5 Bodyweight Exercises which can help you get [or stay] in shape for 2016. To illustrate this full body workout which can be dispatched without weights, I shot these images on London’s gorgeous Primrose Hill, wearing the new Superdry Sport collection! Click MORE to see the full post…


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Not just the preserve of the beauty blogger, fitness bloggers too have their own bags full of favourite little treasures! I try to stay as healthy as I can for as much of the time as possible, notwithstanding the occasional treat required to maintain my sanity 🙂 This post details some of the current healthy-favourites you’ll find inside my sports bag right now, including a bunch of hero products from Yes ToApple and Beats(more…)

BLOGGING 101 ???

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Since I started blogging, I’ve repeatedly been questioned about how it all comes together to form a blog post. One of the most regular emails that lands in the Fitness On Toast inbox is from people who are setting off on their own exciting blog journeys, and are seeking ‘tips & tricks’. I can’t answer all of those, so this post is supposed to tackle exactly that; It’s 2.5 years worth of blogging experience distilled into a behind-the-scenes slither of insight, packaged as a ‘top-7’ post! (more…)


Fitness On Toast Faya Blog Girl Healthy Skin Imedeen Pure Collagen Derma One Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat Four Seasons France Travel-10It’s my firm belief that the best way to nourish the skin is from the inside out – through exercise, keeping hydrated, enjoying a good amount of sleep and eating plenty of organic and fresh produce in a well-balanced diet. You might remember I recently listed some of my favourite tips to get glowing skin HERE. I know myself that when I’ve been out partying for a few days, (a little alcohol, some late nights, limited sleep, perhaps too many sugary foods etc), I’ll be feeling and looking tired with circles under my eyes and the occasional break out! This post is the second and concluding part to my efforts to eat & live healthily, supported by the Scandinavian skincare company Imedeen, in order to improve the quality of my skin. Click MORE to see some of the data from my scans, and these photos we took at the stunning Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat in France during a recent trip… (more…)


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Spring has finally sprung in London, and I’m totally throwing myself into it! I don’t know about you, but when the sun is out and the flowers start to bloom, it utterly transforms my mental state. In Spring, I want to be healthier more than ever – drink gallons of water, eat schools of fresh fish, and create beautiful light salads. Going for a run in the park is often my way of marking the arrival of spring, as watching the buds in the trees bursting into bloom is invigorating and gives me a dose of true happiness! Click MORE to see some of the shots from my Regent’s Park Spring shoot along with my 6 top tips for launching back into fitness! (more…)


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I recently enjoyed an awesome day of shooting with my friends at Quorn Foods in a super-cool Shoreditch loft, which housed the most gorgeous, bright-and-airy kitchen I’ve ever seen – the dream! It was part of our collaboration to come up with some healthy recipes featuring their meat free products; a sort of ‘Cooking with Faya’ event, where I had the opportunity to whip up my latest healthy green salad recipe, the Quorn Fattoush Salad. As a pescatarian (fish, but no meat) I’ve always used products like Quorn Meat-free Chicken pieces as a high-protein, low-saturated-fat source of nutrition – something I personally consider to be a key part of any healthy diet. This recipe is super quick and easy-to-make, requiring no more than 15-20 mins of your precious time (max!) – depending how quickly you chop and toss the salad! Click MORE to get the ‘how-to’, as well as some of my behind-the-scenes pics!

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On a recent blog trip to Coworth Park, I took advantage of the exceptional Equestrian centre by riding for a couple of hours one morning through the glorious Ascot woodlands. It’s something I used to do every day growing up in the Swedish countryside; the way it made me feel, both physically (my poor adductors) and mentally (the endorphin release) reminded me strongly of the reasons I used to do it so much – there are so many health benefits of horse riding; this post was an inevitable formality… ☺️ (more…)