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Some wonderfully engaged readers have been emailing me asking that I investigate some affordable fitness fashion options. At first, that sounds like a tough ask, because the price points on everything we tend to consider fashionable in the fitness world seem to be eye-wateringly expensive; they become these elated objects of desire in our mind’s eyes, like little gods in their own right! However, I think that doesn’t have to be the case. A keen eye on the internet, where something is always on sale *somewhere*, is the best way to steal a bargain, but failing that, you might look in the less obvious places…

This post features some wonderfully affordable workout kit from the high street brand, Bershka, to fulfil just such a brief… I found the clothes on an aimless stroll down Oxford Street and made a journey into the store to see what they’ve got that could be used for blog purposes; I was a bit shocked to see a whole fitness collection ready to go! From the options, I picked out the Neoprene Sweatshirt (£29.99), the Racerback Sports T-Shirt (£14.99),  the ‘Waistband Detail’ Sports Leggings (£19.99), and the Mesh Sports Bag (£29.99). I’ve teamed them with a new pair of shoes too, the Adidas Boosts, which were also more affordable than I’d feared and feel impossibly springy underfoot, as if they’re doing more than just recycling my wasted energy, but injecting a shot of extra power! The entire Bershka outfit leaves you with a fiver’s change from £100, which is less than some gym t-shirts I’ve seen in sports departments!

Over the coming months, I’ll be on the lookout for more chic and affordable fitness fashion to continue to prove that it is possible to workout stylishly without breaking the bank! Think Gap, Zara, Primark etc. Full pictures from the photoshoot at the link below, and more affordability to follow 🙂 Faya x

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It was a gorgeous sunny Saturday in London and I had the pleasure of getting my very own unique nail art painted by the immensely talented Jenny Pasha of 10 Blank Canvases – winner of this year’s Cosmopolitan blog award for ‘best beauty blogger’, and who is currently working with Elegant Touch and Little Mix. I love her art, and ended up basing this entire training ‘look’ on her monochrome nails – a thin black windstop top, monochrome training leggings and black shoes – a look which is always super easy-to-pull-off, flattering, casual and fairly chic in my view! I just added a splash of neon pink for fun!

After a blustery HIIT session (high intensity interval training, as you might remember from my post’hiit me again’, here) on sunny Primrose Hill yesterday, this super lightweight Castelli Leggera jacket proved to be ideal – totally windproof, impossibly lightweight and still comfortably breathable – practically as if I wasn’t wearing anything at all, so to speak! The leggings are from Bershka – quite fun and comfy for running :). Post-run, we went for some yummy lunch at Lemonia for a little protein – grilled swordfish, seared tuna, boiled veggies and steamed spinach!

See more pics from the shoot HERE. Faya x

Nail Art: Jenny Pasha ( )
Trousers: Bershka two-toned leggings,
Top: Sweaty Betty ‘Athlete Workout Vest’
Jacket: Castelli Leggera jacket
Trainers: Nike Free Run+



I’m a big fitness fashion junkie, and am especially a bit of a fiend when it comes to trainers (i’ll post a shot of my collection one day!). But aside from being spoilt for choice in terms of prints and colour, these humble gym-slippers also serve a far more functional purpose – to look after our poor old feet, knees and posture! Far too often, feet get neglected and suffer because of it. They work so hard for us every day, yet we pay very little attention to them – aside from the occasional indulgent pedicure. ‘Fashion over function’ doesn’t serve your long term interests with feet – if you exercise as regularly as I do, appropriate foot care is critical as the skin and bones are put under so much more stress. Above all, I think it’s worth paying extra attention to what kind of shoe you buy and for which occasion. A little gem that I’ve used for some time is ‘Runners Need‘ – they always have good descriptions, specs & reviews alongside the brand products, so I can be pretty sure that I’ll end up with the right shoe for the right purpose.

Another one I’ve recently stumbled across (no pun intended!) is Simply Feet. Due to an old knee-based running injury from a long time ago which flares up every now-and-again, I’ve been wearing ‘Rhythm shoes’ from Weil footwear recently. They’re super comfy – perfect for trekking around London – lightweight, breathable, with technical fabrics – but most importantly they’re podiatrist-designed, and feel like they support & stabilise my foot every step. Crucially for me, they don’t look like a piece of ugly medical technology; they look just as good as, for example, the Nike Lunarlon – my pair of Rhythm’s in the pictures here even have some coral pink girly detailing so I can coordinate them! If you have any back, heel, knee or leg pain when you run, or if you simply over-pronate, these relieve pressure & naturally re-align the foot.

I’m going to write a post on running socks too, as I think that completes the fitness-ready footcare regime! Keep your eyes open!

WEARING?? Nike Limitless Leggings, Bershka hooded waterproof jacket, Weil Rhythm Shoes in Silver / Coral, Mulberry ‘Henry’ gym bag. See all the pics from this shoot HERE.

Faya x