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Time for a recipe I think, and whilst this healthy Asian Prawn Soup may at first appear long and complicated, once you’ve done it you’ll see how straightforward and quick it is! You’re making your own super flavoursome broth, which I think is a great skill to have as it eliminates the need to rely on heavy sauces or salty stocks to flavour a dish. I love Asian-inspired recipes precisely because they’re always bursting with flavours; this Prawn soup makes use of fresh herbs to give it that rich flavour. You may have read my previous post about the multiple health benefits to be gained from eating fresh herbs and spices in your diet. This recipe, which coincides with a little feature I put together for yesterday, maxes out on taste, whilst packing fewer calories and more nutritional value. READ MORE

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As a response to a recent email, I’m going to start showcasing some of the gorgeous places to exercise in the truly special city that is London! Today, I’m starting with one of my absolute favourites, the stunning Hampstead Heath. It’s an epic park which finds itself a mere 6km away from the gridlocked traffic of Trafalgar Square -but you’d barely believe it was the same country! To my mind, this is the ultimate escapist parkland 🙂 This post also coincides with a little feature I put together for Gap over on their site yesterday – super exciting, check it out! Click MORE to read my thoughts on this beautiful part of London & see its secret gems!

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GapFit @ The View From The Shard-47

This week, I was invited by Gap to a very special yoga class. It took place 1016 feet (310m) above London’s pavements, on the 69th floor of Europe’s tallest building The Shard at the crack of dawn, to watch the sunrise over a stunning 360-degree view of London. Certainly not your average sweaty bikram backdrop! Given the weather was utterly flawless with just a wisp of fluffy haze on the distant horizon, the spectacular natural theatrics didn’t disappoint; This was quite simply the most epic and magically uplifting yoga session I’ve ever done! Get the review & pictures below…




All the magazines I read try to sell me aspirational premium sportswear, which is great, but sometimes I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a new training look. With that in mind, I’m loving H&M’s new sporty range at the moment!

In all the pics below, I’m wearing a new pair of Hennes ‘sports tights’ as they call them. Printed-pattern pants continue to be a huge trend this spring/summer. These tights come with an elasticated waist, they are super comfy, functional, breathable, and have a funky jungle print (!!). Best of all, they’re just £15 (!).

And yes, it’s minus 3 degrees and snowy in London this morning but this jogger (me), to her surprise isn’t feeling cold at all – rather refreshed and very awake! A run in the snow is twice as peaceful, especially on this picturesque 4.5 mile route around the Maida vale canal – lovely!

See all the pics here… Faya x