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These days, Instagram is awash with mega-flexible Yogis dispatching pin-like headstands in all manners of exquisite locations. On my recent active escape to Ibiza I re-learned this liberating manoeuvre! Of course as a child, it was a daily activity, but as an adult it’s not something I have too much cause to practice often! In the photos below, my friend and yoga legend Mel demonstrates some of her favourite poses and how to do them correctly. I was a little apprehensive at first to enter the headstand pose (a.k.a. Sirsasana), but after reviewing the benefits and under expert guidance I gave it a shot! Click MORE to get the full 8 reasons you might like to try it too (with pro supervision!)… (more…)


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You might have noticed from my Snapchat & Instagram that I recently passed a seriously healthy week visiting one of my all-time favourite islands, Ibiza. I’ve been visiting the island for many years, yet every time I go back I’m still blown away by its beauty afresh, and I’m constantly discovering new hidden coves and exciting secret beaches! So when the team from Balearic Bootcamp invited me to experience their week-long fitness retreat on the island, combining two of my loves, wellbeing & Ibiza, it wasn’t a difficult decision… Read MORE to find out exactly what the experience involved, and how it left me feeling…