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Sitting at the desk for hour after hour, day after day, month after month, year after year (etc) means the glutes become lazy and that laziness compounds up! The body adapts to become far less dependent on the musculature and joints found within the lower body, which ultimately leads to muscle atrophy (weakening of muscles) and lengthened, inhibited glutes. This post is about how to re-activate the hibernating derrière with a simple but effective routine, shot at the gorgeous gym in Coworth Park... (more…)


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Whilst on a trip back home to Sweden, I spent some time at a truly unique spa hotel. ‘Yasuragi as it’s named in Japanese, is nestled on the outskirts of the beautiful Stockholm archipelago, and is deeply infused with Japanese heritage throughout. The hotel, a former school designed by a Japanese architect, is vast, light, natural and altogether in tune with the verdant forestry surrounding it. Wherever you look there are sweeping, majestic views are over the lush archipelago and a fascinating combination of ‘the modern’ – large concrete slab walls, floor to ceiling windows – and ‘the traditional’ – Japanese tatami mats on the floor and walls and the respectful national ethic. It’s a place to unwind and re-energise amidst the invigorating beauty of Swedish forestry, and from which to return home with renewed physical and mental strength. Click MORE to see my review…

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I recently wrote a post on the multiple benefits of Sports Massage; it’s a topic about which I still receive regular emails, so I thought I’d extend the series into this post looking at reflexology – how it works, along with its many advantages. That’s because in training, we rely on our feet far more than we perhaps realise; for stability in stance, springing up / off, gaining traction, sprinting, climbing, propulsive kicking in the pool… yet for all their relentless use, they’re generally neglected and often in need of some serious TLC. Reflexology is a holistic, ancient Chinese practice, which like a sports massage isn’t a cosmetic skin-level treatment but instead aims to bring relief to a wide range of conditions (including stress, muscle tension, hormonal imbalances, back pain, poor circulation, toxin cleansing, digestive problems, menopause, sleep difficulties, and migraines). My personal experience has been of extreme relaxation and refreshment, which really helped to invigorate my workouts. Read my top 10 benefits of reflexology HERE, along with these pictures we shot with Havaianas on my recent active trip to Santorini … (more…)


Fitness On Toast Faya Blog Girl Healthy Skin Imedeen Pure Collagen Derma One Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat Four Seasons France Travel-10It’s my firm belief that the best way to nourish the skin is from the inside out – through exercise, keeping hydrated, enjoying a good amount of sleep and eating plenty of organic and fresh produce in a well-balanced diet. You might remember I recently listed some of my favourite tips to get glowing skin HERE. I know myself that when I’ve been out partying for a few days, (a little alcohol, some late nights, limited sleep, perhaps too many sugary foods etc), I’ll be feeling and looking tired with circles under my eyes and the occasional break out! This post is the second and concluding part to my efforts to eat & live healthily, supported by the Scandinavian skincare company Imedeen, in order to improve the quality of my skin. Click MORE to see some of the data from my scans, and these photos we took at the stunning Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat in France during a recent trip… (more…)


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Last weekend, I had the awesome opportunity to meet, interview, train and swim with four elite Team Speedo athletes; Michael Jamieson & James Guy (both pictured above, with me in the blue suit), plus Jazz Carlin and Siobhan O’Connor. It was part of a collaboration with Speedo to promote their #GetSpeedoFit campaign, which is all about inspiring people to swim more in pursuit of their full body workouts and healthy lifestyle; that’s something I fundamentally agree with, and I found the insights from these athletes to be absolutely fascinating. Click MORE to read my interviews along with a brief ‘Benefits of Swimming’, and to see some of our fun/goofy photos from the day at the London Olympic Aquatics Centre! (more…)


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As part of my ‘Active Escapes’ series, I recently stayed at a destination so heavenly that it completely inspired and enthused me to author this full review. The historic and beautiful Chateau de la Chèvre D’Or, nestled amidst the medieval village of Eze, on France’s exquisite Cote D’Azur, enjoys what must be the most magical, celestial view of the French Riviera, and hosts an armory of active ventures for the healthiest of holiday-goers to enjoy. The hotel itself, Relais & Chateaux affiliated, is relaxed, quirky, charming, classic and respectfully staffed by masterful hoteliers. It was perfect for my 3-day European escape, from which I returned energised, focused and relaxed. Click MORE to see my extensive review of the epic grounds, broad facilities, the sumptuous food and impeccable service 🙂



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Around this sunny time of year when the flowers bloom and the air is fragranced with honeyed pollen, I always want to detox and clear my system. I’m a firm believer in eating the highest-quality organic produce available, and am convinced that how you treat your body will show from the inside out. The condition of your skin depends on a number of factors; age, genetics, levels of UV exposure, amount of alcohol consumed, nicotine, diet, hydration, general health, environment etc. However, I think that the skin is a great indicator into your overall health; throughout my teens I struggled with my skin – like many teenagers, I’d get breakouts of acne which really got me down, and I still get the odd spots here and there. The interesting pattern I’ve noticed is that they tend to appear when I’m stressed, or when I’ve eaten a surplus of sugar (natural or otherwise), so I think it’s very much a hormonal consequence of those triggers. Through my struggles with my skin, I found early on how I could help to improve it through diet and behaviours that help my complexion. Click MORE to get the full insights into the 10 factors I consider critical to maintain healthy skin



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Any lifestyle blogger worth their weight in bitcoins will post the obligatory ‘latte art’ snap to their Instagram account every few weeks; some may even have a dedicated Pinterest board showing these delicious masterpieces! It’s a guaranteed feel-good picture, instantly conjuring the creamy, earthy comfort that goes along with the first sip… But here on FitnessOnToast, you might not expect to see such indulgences?! You’d be wrong! This post focusses on the benefits of coffee for your training regime, and some of the potential disbenefits you should be aware of too. All pictures shot at the beautifully glamorous Waldorf Astoria, where I stayed on my recent trip to New York! (more…)


Fitness On Toast Faya Blog Girl Healthy Workout Gym Christmas list Shopping Harrods Gadget Detox New Year Slim Diet Technogym Nike Monreal Wusthof Herbal Tea-33I’ve left this ‘Christmas gift list’ post very late in the day, but not by accident; December will have been a seasonally indulgent month for many of us, and the last thing you want think about whilst you’re toasting with a flute of delicious bubbly is a ‘healthy reboot’. However, now is the time to snap up those last-minute healthy gifts, ready to help loved ones re-focus on the New Year reforms – and there are still 3 very productive shopping days left to do it! Click MORE to check out the 14 essential goodies on my FitnessOnToast wish list from my wander around London’s iconic Harrods 🙂

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The battling ropes might look easy, but when executed correctly your whole body will be screaming in fabulous-workout-pain! I find that they challenge me in ways that are totally unlike other equipment, and can yield transformative results from a ‘toning’ perspective. They’re ‘tough fun’, can help develop power, explosiveness, muscular and cardiovascular endurance, build functional strength and toast fat! By design, they’re slightly too cumbersome and heavy to take around with you anywhere in the Prada – so on this occasion I opted for the Omnia installation at my local Virgin (no, these are not paid links, just good practise!). Find out why and how, here… (more…)