For the avoidance of doubt and in the spirit of honesty, the disclosure ‘manifesto’ I follow for Fitness On Toast are as follows:

1) PRINCIPLE: The over-riding remit of Fitness On Toast is to be a place of honesty and integrity for people who love fitness and wellness, so that they feel secure that what they read is a genuine and useful opinion.

2) LINKS: I very rarely use links via an affiliate site (Linkshare) on some posts which means that should you buy via that link I will receive a modest percentage of that sale. However, as Fitness On Toast features a heavy amount of preview products which are not yet on sale, the ‘paid link’ is not a ubiquitous occurrence.

3) MERITOCRACY: I do not, and never have, posted positive reviews in exchange for product or other incentives. The world is a meritocracy: if a post is sponsored, this will be called out accordingly in the post.

4) GENUINE OPINION: There is absolutely nothing that guarantees a positive review. Products are reviewed as I find them. I do not accept sponsorship or advertising on products that I have nothing positive or useful to say about. I turn down significantly more requests for sponsorship and advertising than I accept, but I try to respond to all requests one way or the other.

5) ADVERTISING: On occasion, I may opt to install a limited amount of advertising in my side bar – this advertising would be carefully selected by me for appropriateness to the Fitness On Toast readership.

6) CHARGES: I do not make any charges to organically review, photograph, Tweet, Pin or Instagram products.

7) SCHEDULING: If I am travelling, posts might on very rare occasions, be scheduled. Otherwise, they are almost exclusively written and posted in real-time.

8) FREEBIES: I am regularly sent complimentary products in my role both as a personal trainer and blogger.

9) CONSULTANCY: As part of Fitness On Toast and my participation in the fitness realm as a trainer, gymgoer, blogger, reviewer and consumer, I offer a consultancy service to brands and agencies for which I may charge a fee.

10) NO GUEST POSTS: I do not currently accept guest posts (and never post infographics). I write everything on Fitness On Toast myself, as I want to keep it authentic and honest.

11) CONFLICTS OF INTEREST: I am extremely keen that there should be no conflicts of interest on this site. I affiliate myself only with those products and companies I genuinely like, and by doing so, I am comfortable representing the merit I see in them to those who browse this site, or any of my social media accounts.

If you’d like to know a little more about the mechanics of how I approach the process of blogging, please feel free to browse my Blogging 101 post HERE.

That’s it really! Faya x