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The freshness of ingredients is *critical* in the pursuit of optimal nutrition. I’ve written extensively about purchasing fresh produce in the past, but a consideration which has been often overlooked and which is starting to be highlighted in new studies, is the importance of the packaging itself. This post touches upon that subject, and is in partnership with Noluma, leaders in light protective packaging technology and certification – together, we hope to raise awareness as to why this is an important consideration for consumers. To me, the reassuring knowledge that I’m *actually* getting the promised freshness, taste and nutritional content (vitamins & minerals) from my food is important. I’m a cynic, and often question whether the label tells the honest story. Noluma’s commitment is to provide light protective packaging technology that will help consumers get the nutritional content they are expecting, and that works for me. Click MORE to see the full take…
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Research shows that food and drink exposed to indoor lights, because it is not properly packed, degrades in freshness, taste, colour and nutrition from the moment it’s made, while it’s on shelf and until the time it is consumed. By shortening shelf life, inadequate packaging can also create more waste. It varies by packaging type, but it happens across a range of glass and plastic bottles.

With an hour of light exposure, for example, up to 28% of the milk’s Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) content (important for growth and turning carbohydrates, fats and protein into fuel for the body) can be lost. Not only that, but flavour begins to degrade after only 15 mins of light exposure, and the Vitamin A content can halve in only 16 hours.

Noluma advises on light-blocking packaging to preserve nutritional freshness, and certifies products which meet their gold standard accordingly. The notion that foodstuffs ‘should be kept in the dark, but consumers shouldn’t be’, very much resonates with me, and I hope it might with you too.

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Want to do something about it? It’s time to ask for milk bottles and cartons to be light-protected and certified. How? Let your favourite retailer or milk brand know you want them to light protect their products. Visit today and stand up for milk goodness!


This post is a sponsored collaboration with Noluma. For more about why I take on such projects, please see my DISCLOSURE page. Thank you. 
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