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The humble spud may have originated in the Andes 7000 years ago, but it features heavily in today’s Swedish diet, and is a mainstay in many of the recipes in my recent book Fit In 3. When Love Potatoes reached out to ask me to craft a delicious, healthy breakfast recipe using potatoes, I was delighted to oblige, and dipped into my deep bench of spud dishes! The potato isn’t just an incredibly versatile ‘hero ingredient’ (think roasted, baked, mashed, steamed, crisped, wedged/chipped etc), but it packs significant health benefits. Each one is loaded with flavonoids and carotenoids (whose antioxidant activities to help reduce the risk of chronic diseases), vitamin B6 (to enable enzymatic reactions and promote cellular renewal, as well as the production of serotonin in the brain and healthy heart function) and a unique type of ‘resistant starch’ that may help regulate blood sugar and improve the digestive health. They’re satisfying (their latin name solanum tuberosum literally means comforting tubers!) so you stay fuller for longer, and actually contain more potassium than a banana (which helps to regulate blood pressure and protect against the likes of stroke) or indeed any other fruit or vegetable. They’re also affordable, and always on hand as they’re grown throughout the year – the leading vegetable crop in the world. This recipe is for a delicious Breakfast Potato Frittata with Mushroom, Spinach and Italian Herbs – it’s quick and easy, requiring limited kitchen skills, packs a serious nutritional punch and will keep you full until lunch time! Click MORE for the full recipe and video ‘how to’…

This is a super simple but ultra-delicious dish, served hot or cold. It’s perfect on a summer’s day, as a breakfast or indeed in a lunch box to work. With the addition of a few key ingredients, the dish is transformed, and suddenly packs a flavorsome punch! I’ve chosen to go for an Italian taste as we’re enjoying the summer season, by choosing Italian herbs but you can easily swap the ingredients around to go for a spicy taste, for instance, all the while using the same base ingredient – potato!

The potato was once demonized for being bland & starchy, but they’re full of nutrients, as mentioned above. As a rich carbohydrate source, they provide a superb dose of energy, & help to keep you feeling full. Plus they’re surprisingly rich in immune-boosting Vitamin C; a medium sized potato (150g) with the skin on provides 27mg, almost half of the recommended daily intake! They’re also a rich source of Vitamin B, folate & minerals such as potassium, magnesium & iron. Affordable, locally grown, versatile, low-sugar, 100% natural plus they’re gluten/fat/salt free.

Find the instructions below. This recipe is super quick and easy to make (circa 15minutes), and it’s also an everyday meal, so why not give it a shot today!?

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1. Start by finely chopping the onion and frying it on a low heat for circa 5 minutes until golden and sweet.

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2. Next, add the garlic to the onion and fry for another 2 minutes.

3. Then add the finely sliced mushrooms to the pan and fry for another 3 minutes.

4. Peel and Grate the potatoes and add them to a large bowl.

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5. Add the fresh herbs, as well as the dry herbs and spinach.

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6. Add the previously fried ingredients.

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7. Add the salt and pepper, flour and egg and mix all the ingredients together.

8. Finally, take generous spoonfulls of mixture into a frying pan and flatten to create your frittata formation. You want to ensure the mixture is fairly thin as this will help heat the potato all the way through and means you won’t need to cook it for as long on each side.

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9. Depending on the thickness of your frittata, fry for roughly 1-2 minutes on each side or until golden colour has been achieved, to taste.

10. Serve with a side of salad and some avocado! Bon appetit!

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