Faya Fitness On Toast - Xmas Gift List 2017-2

Under a week to go until a BIG focal day in many people’s annual calendar, and if you’re anything like me you’ve left your seasonal gift shopping perilously late! Fear not, my dear disorganised reader, for here’s my snappily-titled “Christmas Eve Emergency Health & Fitness Top 10 Present Idea List” (phew!) which I whipped up for just such an eventuality – perhaps it’s one to send your other half for those last-minute ideas! So here we go, please Santa may I have…

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ITEM 1) Apple Watch Series 3

This is the ultimate fitness gift, to my mind (If you already have one, skip to item 2, you lucky thing). I’ve had an Apple Watch since day one and recently started using their third iteration of the wearable beauty! Aside from allowing me to check emails and be on top of texts/WhatsApp’s, automatically track all my fitness data (heart rate, exercise, moves, standing time, calories burnt etc.), the watch also no longer needs a phone nearby so I am both untethered and yet connected. Instead, you can go cycling up in the rural mountains or for a long jog, and not need to bring your phone whilst remaining contactable at all times.

The Apple Watch is genuinely awesome. I’ve used a lot of wearable trackers and general ‘fit kit’, but this is one I have easily woven into my daily routine. It’s the flavour of technology you want more of; super intuitive to navigate, whilst it deftly does all the ‘thinking’ for me, operating unobtrusively in the background so that I just consume the fruits of its data, eliminating all guesswork! It’s a great way to stay motivated especially for the new years’ push!

My Version is beautifully modelled by Rudolph below…

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ITEM 2) Neck & wrist Cashmere warmers

If you’re struggling in this frosty weather on your power walks, there’s nothing quite as comforting or indulgent as a super soft cashmere neck and wrist warmer. Something so super soft against your skin to help keep you warm feels a little extra special and such a wonderful gift. I often think a superb gift is something you wouldn’t necessarily buy yourself, but would love to receive. This little selection below is from Somerville, and is both practical and luxurious!

Wrist warmers HERE
Neck warmer HERE

Somerville Neck Wrist

ITEM 3) Some ‘Monreal London’ Sports Luxe

This is an evergreen appearance on my list for the brand’s unparalleled style credentials, leading functionality and super luxurious feel! I’ve followed their journey from the beginning and am constantly enchanted by the creations of master designer Stefani Grosse. Recently given the proverbial Royal ‘seals of approval’ by the gorgeous sisters Kate and Pippa Middleton, this is functional high-quality chic athleisure wear. Yes, it’s pricey but the pieces are enduring, clean-lined investment articles which will last the test of time. If like me you love sportswear and wear it all the time this is the sort of pieces that dress up your day!

Check it out HERE!

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ITEM 4) Invest In Sleep – Jersey Duvet and Throw

I know, I keep banging on about the importance of sleep, it’s a bit of a personal vendetta to sleep better, and more! Sheets are, surprisingly, very low-hanging fruit when it comes to upgrading the calibre of restful shuteye you get each night, so this is one way to make each night dreamier! Invest in beautiful covers to help you sleep well throughout the night as well as some beautiful and snuggly throws. These ones are from a company with strong Swedish roots, but with US West-Coast influences, and I have been loving the quality of their products for 6 months now; the jersey product is really coming into its own on these cold winters nights, delivering super softness night after night.

 – Duvet Cover;

the bedding is made of 100% combed cotton thread that is finely knitted; so-called single jersey. That material breathes better than closely woven high thread count sheets. It’s also more supple, and few materials can compare to its soft surface; Oprah once called this her ‘discovery of the year’, and if it’s good enough for her…

– Alpaca Throw; Super soft throw to snuggle up in on cold nights.

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ITEM 5) Custom Clutch Bag from Bags by M

This is a personalised, one-of-a-kind, unique bag which is a total reflection of its owner. Admittedly, not fitness related in the slightest, but I wanted to include it nonetheless because I fell in love with this clutch some years ago, and think there are many people out there that might want to tell their own story with the book that means most to them. Master craftswoman Maria Caracciolo draws upon an extensive background in the history of bookbinding using traditional artisan techniques, and the results, created from scratch and delivered within a month, are extremely special, even emotional. This is a bespoke, standout piece at a reasonable price; you can get yours made HERE.

BAGS BY M - OLD MAN BY THE SEA-2Faya Fitness On Toast - Xmas Gift List 2017-4

ITEM 6) Sweaty Betty Ski Layers

Despite being a Swedish lass from a country with much of its land mass in the Arctic Circle, I fundamentally struggle with the cold! Another helpful cosy investment to get you through these cold winter days are these quick-drying, super soft and ultra comfortable thermal base layers. They’re  awesome under your activewear in the city on a run or in the slopes, and they look pretty ‘Tron’ chic! n.b. Yep, same picture as above!

Faya Fitness On Toast Sweaty Betty Thermals-1

ITEM 7) Tea Pigs!

This is a proper stocking filler here – I’ve always thought this Liquorice & Mint tea is simply aaaamazing and a wonderful gift to any fitness enthusiast! Hydrating, nutritious and it satisfies any sweet tooth without delivering calories!


ITEM 8) A beautiful Yoga Mat from Soul Mat Yoga

I discovered this a while ago; these ‘eco-friendly yoga mats are designed to be beautiful enough that they can double as colourful rugs in your home or studio. They’re forged from 100% natural tree rubber, printed with water-based inks and kept completely free from nasty chemicals so they’re super kind to both your skin and our planet.’ Check it out HERE.

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ITEM 9) AESOP products to luxuriate & look after your skin

The skin is our bodies’ largest single organ which, if you’re training every day, can get pretty dry in this bitter cold, and will be in need of some TLC. I recently re-discovered Aesop on my trip to Sydney (full blog posts forthcoming!) and have been obsessed since. It’s an Australian home-grown company which has branched out globally; I adore their packaging, and all the products are exceptional and differentiated… but if I could only pick one I’d suggest the utterly delicious-smelling Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm. The botanical oils and skin-softening ingredients leave my skin feeling nourished and refreshed – and there is something totally invigorating about the ingredients’ aroma, so much so that I went overboard and snapped up the whole range. Oh, and I also LOVE the packaging of that mouthwash!!

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ITEM 10) Woolrich Coat – ‘W’s Military Parka’

Finally, if you really want to spoil that special someone this is a coat that will keep you warm all winter in the urban city or for apres ski purposes! It’s a little off the beaten track of Canada Goose / Moncler, but I absolutely love it’s furnace-like warmth and bold features for these frosty times of the year.  Pick one up HERE.

IMG_6281Faya Fitness On Toast - Xmas Gift List 2017-2

Hope that provided a little spark of inspiration for any last minute purchases. Yes, some of them can’t be obtained NOW, and need a little lead-time, but the very delivery of an IOU should be met with bundles of festive excitement!

Happy hunting and Merry Xmas 🙂

Faya x

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