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Life is stressful but I’ve long believed it’s possible to steal back a little bit of balanced calm, and often at some of the most unexpected times throughout the day. There are several ways to give oneself a physical and mental healthy nudge to keep going… one of my favorites is meditation. Everyone’s daily pressures differ, and mine come in the form of juggling personal training clients, meetings pertaining to this blog, and a few other projects I have on the go. For me, seeking a moment of tranquility to escape the relentless chaos is best served through a moment of meditation on the go; I even practice on the tube between stations, because there’s no bad place for it. Read the full post to see some of my top reasons for taking some time to include this discipline in your day too.

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This post is in partnership with Naked Juice, who I’ve been working with around their Pressed range which incorporates some of my favorite fruit & vegetable ingredients, cold-pressed and blended together; the Bright Greens elixir packs in apple, cucumber, spinach, lettuce, courgette, celery, and wheatgrass. It’s slightly sweet and seriously refreshing. I like to drink small sips throughout the day when I feel I need a bit of a boost.*  Whilst I like to cold press my own juices every now and again, the time constraints of a busy life don’t always permit that; Naked to the rescue with something that’s credibly green! They’ve asked me to talk about a how I get a boost on-the-go, so I’ve chosen meditation as it’s a subject that’s quite important to me, and I find has helped me to bring focus to both my professional and personal life in London.

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The process of deep relaxation makes a serious difference to me; I feel my heart rate slow, my breathing deepen, my muscles relax, and I generally sense a lower ingress of ‘stress’… to name but a few. With regular practice, I believe this makes me feel stronger emotionally, it gives me higher energy levels and ultimately leaves me with a stronger body.


By entering the relaxed state on a regular basis, I sense that my brain becomes more accustomed to producing gentle signals, and is less likely to deliver me a ‘fight-or-flight’ response during tough times. By muting those negative sensations, there are secondary effects which make me feel that with meditation, I’m basically relaxing away my stress! It’s a more calm, serene state of mind, which may not last all day, but even entering that tranquil zone for a little while can make all the difference to the cadence of a day’s emotions for me.


For me, some of the greatest benefits of meditation are hard to define but are related to a better understanding of one’s self, a certain tranquility and awareness level that’s proven elusive before, and a generally improved enjoyment of life. Some take away a spiritual comfort, and indeed meditation forms a considerable part of the wonderfully enlightened Buddhist religion, where taking control of one’s state of mind (‘mindfulness’) is considered to be core.

I hope this helps to highlight just a few of the multiple advantages of this tranquil practice to everybody’s daily process. There is simply no bad place for it!


This post is a sponsored collaboration with the Naked Juice. For more about why I take on such projects, please see my DISCLOSURE page. Thank you. 

*contains vitamin C which contributes towards the reduction of tiredness and fatigue