What is my book ’FIT IN 3’ all about, and why did I call it that anyway? It’s a fundamental realization I had over 10 years of working in the fitness industry, every day. This post will give you a little teaser of the power of 3; despite what the fitness industry would have you believe, there’s no magic formula, there need be no expensive products to buy into, no supplements, no starvation diets, and no demonisation. It is the ultimate in simplicity, inclusiveness, balance, mix and fun. It’s not a ‘system’, but it is knowledge, an entire approach, and the only book you’ll need to lead a realistic, sustainable healthy life. You can pre-order your copy right HERE and I’ve added some sneak-peak pages inside the book too, to give you a flavor of some of the delicious, Scandi-inspired healthy recipes!



In our world, 3 is the magic number; it’s appeared everywhere since time began, as if the deck’s been stacked. We’re on the 3rd rock from the sun; the moon has 3 phases, and the space we occupy has 3 dimensions. In sport, the three fastest win medals, and at the gym we often perform ‘3 sets of X repetitions’. A position is triangulated with 3 coordinates. There are 3 primary colours, 3 movements to a concerto, and 3 acts to many western plays. Goldilocks faced off against 3 bears, there were 3 Wise Men, 3 Musketeers, 3 Little Pigs and 3 Stooges. Photographers compose images using the ‘rule of thirds’. Architects design bridges from triangular frames for their strength. Strong arguments are structured using 3 key points… The brain simply finds this a really easy concept to grasp, and it’s all said to be ‘as easy as 1, 2, 3…’


All sounds a bit random? The point is to note the permanence and enduring nature of the triplet! It’s a universal constant, and in this context, Fit In 3 isn’t an accident. My book is intentionally structured that way to highlight the three separate pillars of a sustainably healthy life, encompassing;

1) Refreshing the mind, 
2) Nourishing the body, and 
3) Training the frame.

Diving into only one of these 3 would be like trying to light a fire without kindling or oxygen! Pursuing all 3 is the key to a roaring success, and it’s an outrageously simple formula to apply!


In my experience as a personal trainer for over a decade, office workers will often train hard in the gym and try to eat right, but perhaps because of unmanageable stress and therefore lack of sleep, they’ll struggle to reach their goals. I’ve seen it countless times; many aren’t even aware that this is why they’re being held back, but with a few tweaks, progress can be made quite readily!

Equally, many former clients would train hard but were drinking heavily and eating out in irresistibly delicious restaurants, and/or snacking on autopilot at the office, without considering their significant calorie surplus. Awareness is a key weapon in the arsenal of the ‘fit and healthy’, and it is my hope that my book will arm you with that in spades!


Similarly, the globalized supermarket generation has access to an abundance of fresh vegetables and exotic superfoods, but without the knowledge of how to best harness these nutrients, and the discipline to compliment it with a regular and diverse training regime, the best intentions will fail.

To my mind, it can literally be as easy as 1, 2, 3. Above all else, the key is to ensure you set yourself an easy path to follow, sprinkled with a little structure, dusted with a little planning and underscored with a little discipline. It then becomes an easier way to live, within the confines of gentle rules, rather than a scattered, last minute approach which can see you floundering. You will feel better for it. Take 5 minutes out for meditation. Go to bed an hour earlier. Drink an extra liter of water. Do some regular, targeted exercise. The combination and application of the thoughts in this book will help you to become the healthiest version of you, for the long-haul.

The book includes 60 delicious recipes which are quick and easy, and with a Scandi twist. They’re made using normal ingredients you’ll find in a normal supermarket, and which you’ll use again and again, not obscure ingredients that will collect dust on the shelf after being used once.  Did I mention that there’s also a 3-week food and training and food plan?